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chances of pregnancy after zoladex

I would like to ask, I was on the depo vera injection for many years as I used to have terrible painful periods and this stopped them, this worked for a long time, but then every 3 months or so I would get the most terrible pains that lasted for 2 weeks and got worse and worse during the 2 weeks I said it was like period pains but the docs would not have it. eventually i was referred to a brilliant gynaecologist who said that although I was not having periods because of the depo my brain was telling my body to make eggs, so I had 3 doses of zoladex and pains went but I had menopause instead which has been awful and have heard that if it is forced on symptoms can be severer I am 54 and have been told that my hormone levels are low and I am going through the menopause, this was approx 2 years ago, have never had another period, but had unprotected sex, could I get pregnant now as don't want to be.

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Hi Helen

You can get pregnant after Zoladex but as you get older your chances of pregnancy decline rapidly and by the time you get to 54 the chances are tiny, although it is possible if you are still having periods. If you were told two years ago that you were going through the menopause though I would think you are fairly safe.

C x


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