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Hi Everyone, I have a question, i obviously have a continuous pains in my tummy, back and down my legs,

the problem now is because i always have this pain my muscles are always tensed up making the pains even worse, and i cant relax them, im finding it even more painful now, i even find it difficult to walk around the house and i just want to cry all the time :( please help

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I have exactly the same problem at times some days worse than others but then sometimes im ok, but the doctor surprise surprise doesn't believe it is connected to me Endo! but yes i get many days where i dont even know how ive got through as i wud rather just be in bed but cant stop as plenty to do with me children x


Its such a night mare! theres so many things i cant do now, and ive been signed off work for ages because the pain is just unbearable right now, im always exhausted and always sleeping and waking up because of the pain :( it is hard, and it taken so long to diagnose, it started when i was 16 im now 22 and was only done this week! but it may not be endo, i still need to have me laproscopy. but were pretty sure it is this xx



I have this problem too,my dr seems to think that it is due to ovarian pain,as i no longer have a uterus,it has also been suggested that it may be caused by nerve damage in my pelvis

,sometimes my legs give way and at times i have fallen down stairs,in the street etc

On days when it is really bad my partner has to support me when im walking ,the pain is horrendous at times

Like you lady i wake up in agony and find it exhausting

Good luck with your laproscopy and i hope it is sorted asap



Yes i have that exact same problem its mainly my right leg that always gives way causing me to fall down alot, which makes even more problems for myself, i now have a single crutch i use when everything gets to much just for that little extra support, its a struggle everyday, and i feel angry that the doctors have let it get this far till they done anything, BUT atleast its being sorted now which i am very grateful for xxxx



I've just joined and just finding my way around. I really don't understand why Doctors don't believe these symptoms are related to endometriosis. I have suffered with pains down legs and have spoken to so many endo sufferers who say the same. Whilst I agree that it is wise to check for other causes to be on the safe side to say that it isn't related doesn't help.

Big hugs to everyone who is in suffering today and fingers crossed tomorrow will be better.

Julie x


I have this too, but i also have a bad back so i have never thought that it could be related to the endo!!!! Always feel so alone with this as no one understands how painful and depressing this condition can leave me, just because i look ok from the outside does not mean that i am ok inside


I have the pains in back, legs, stomach and in the end it became routine to have a hot bath as soon as the baby was put to bed at night and sometimes bed time for me too just so I could get comfy.


I had leg, stomach and back pain for years. I have been on a pain management course this year which all but cured the back pain ( stretching and strengthening exercises). But my leg pain was still continuing despite extensive Endo surgery for stage 4 in August this year. But now I have been 'cured' of my leg pain ... I have started having regular Epsom salt baths and taking vitamin D3 after reading up on it whilst on holiday last month. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my life. I used to cry with it as it was so painful. Hope someone finds this helpful, not everyone is able to have the baths so you would need to check first with your doctor.


Thank you shelly, i will bring that up with my doctor, it may be helpful to me, im also going to try the tens machine on my back, my mum used it and was great for her so were gonna see if it can ease mine at all! thanks for everyones help! xx


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