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Risks to bones of long term prostap,any worse than the risk following hysterectomy?

Hi, I have been on prostap which has really helped and I need to wait for my next op as the surgeon is off sick. I would like to carry on with prostap until the op can be done but am worried that whoever I see at the next clinic appointment (on Monday) will say it's 6 months maximum.

I know there are ladies on here who have had it for longer and that the maximum is set because of the risk to bone density.

My question is if they are willing to give me a hysterectomy is the risk of bone loss the same after the op as it is on prostap? If so then surely long-term prostap shouldn't be a problem.

Am I being cynical in thinking it has more to do with cost? I have heard that the injections are expensive.

Any help much appreciated, Thanks.

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Prostap is only licensed for 6 months without also having add-back hrt, because of effects on bone density etc. This doesnt mean you can only have it for 6 months, just means that you can only stay on it longer than 6 months if you start having hrt alongside it. I am currently on prostap and the plan is to be on it for 12 months and then review, but once it gets to 6 months I will have to start hrt otherwise I wont be allowed to stay on the prostap.

And yes, prostap is quite expensive but that shouldnt effect your gynae's view on it if you have the injections at your gp surgery as its not the gynae's budget paying for it its the gp!

Hope this helps x


Thanks for the reply, I am staying on the prostap until I can have my op done.


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