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Disheartened after follow up

This is my first blog but feel really down so thought if write something hoping to feel better. I have been ttc for 3 years to no success. I had all tests done and a lap in oct last year. During this test I was diagnosed with endometriosis and scarring to left tube however no tube was blocked. Just come back from my follow up to be told that things could happen naturally with 12-18 months or to consider ivf. My hubby already has a kid and cos of these stupid rules I can't receive free ivf. I'm so gutted and down at the moment. It's just so unfair that I can't have free treatment cos of these rules! My step son doesn't even live in this country. Is there any hope in trying naturally? Or is ivf the only way? X

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You have the best chances to get pregnant, 6 months to a year following your lap when all your inside of pelvic area is nice and clean!

Think positive, be fit and eat good and it might happen, make sure you get good supplements too. If after a year you are still not pregnant go to your doctor. No need to wait for 18months, as after 12 months you have the right to get free IVF.

I'm quite surprised though, they gave you such big gap (12-18months). my gynae gave me 6 months only, cause he said when there is history of endo, its better to act sooner than later. x


To be honest my doc was very blunt and very straight to the point. It was you can do this this or this here's a leaflet see you later!! He basically said not to rush into ivf and I could take clomid but said there was evidence that says it works and then evidence that it doesn't. I think we are gonna leave things for a while and just enjoy what we have and fingers crossed nature takes the right course. Thanks for your advice tho x


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