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Mirena coil not working as well as before in controlling pain?

Hi all, I found this site when searching how long lasting the Mirena is, as I am suffering from the return of endo pain after my third year of having it. I'm wondering if its because it needs replacing, or is it that my body is fighting the affects of it and the endo is taking over in a sense? I'm hoping thats not the case and its as simple as needing a new Mirena coil?

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They are supposed to last 5 years but some studies have shown that in many cases they need to be replaced around 3 years after insertion. It's very possible your coil needs replacing - I'd speak to your gp about this and get a new one if it's been helpful for you up until now.



So is it quite likely that the pain I'm experiencing is due to the mirena not working to its full capacity?


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