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AMH Test

So I had my AMH test today. I actually didn't know what it was, as my Gynae never told me any information about it. So I looked on Google! Good old Google!!!

It was really straight forward. The nurse took blood from me, not before asking if I had given a blood sample before...of course, with endo, it's like a daily occurance, with the amount of times I am in hospital!

I am able to find out my results in 2 to 3 days, or I can wait 3 weeks to see my Gynae, and they can discuss what's next. From what I have read on Google though, there is not a set 'scale', as to what is a high or low AMH score, as they are still trying to determine the boundaries. So once the results are in, I can then see about IUI, or IVF,

Wish me Luck!!

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Just researching what I might have wrong as had bad pains, not sure what you will be having done but do wish you all the best and hope it goes well as I have just had a biopsy and not at all nice.


I hope everything goes OK for you too, and I hope they find out what the bad pains are. It's not nice, when you do know something is wrong with you though!

The test, (AMH) is to determine how many eggs I have, and their quality. This is because my endometriosis is on my ovaries and pelvis, and I also have to 'satsuma sized' cysts on each ovary. This is making my chances of having a baby very difficult. In order to try for IVF, they need to see if I have enough eggs to work with, and whether they are of good quality.

I hope you get some answers soon x


Hiya. Last year after a bit if Googling I got my AMH levels done, they came back v low, less than 1. I spoke to a private fertility clinic who said that in isolation they can be a little hard to read/ appreciate . We discussed a number of reasons and options, that I did not find on Google. I wished I had waited for him to give the results as I worried myself silly for two weeks with the test results and google. Best of luck to you!


Is this AMH test available in the uk? And is it worth getting it after i had severe endo and my right ovary was covered in cysts. I now have alot of scar tissue and still some cysts on my ovaries so just wondering if its the best choice? xx



Yeah, the AMH is available in the UK (I'm from the UK), but unfortunately, as Yellowrose has said above, you do have to pay for it, as it isn't available in the NHS. I also have severe Endo; I have stage 4, (which at my age is apparently really bad, I'm 25, just). The reason my Gynae sent me for these tests was because me and my husband are trying for a baby and not getting anywhere. They are thinking it is because of the endo, and the cysts on my ovaries. Because both my ovaries are covered in large cysts, if they wanted to remove them, it would mean taking away part of my ovaries, which in turn, would mean losing eggs. The AMH test was to help me decide if I wanted my cysts removing. If I had a lot of eggs, then it wouldn't be a problem taking away my cysts, as I would have lots more eggs to work with. (I hope that makes sense!)

It might be worth you having it done, especially if you are thinking of trying for a baby. Its not intrusive, as it is just blood out of your arm, and your results are back in 2 to 3 days.

I hope everything goes OK with you x


Thanks so much for that, :) hope u dont mind me asking but how much is it? U could private message me if u prefer or not tell me thats fine too. Its just cause im already 31 and not trying for a baby but would hate to leave it so late and then find out and then have alot of thinking and planning for you xx


I paid £105 for mine, but I am not sure if it different prices for different areas, or just a general price.

It would probably be worth getting it done, just for your piece of mind really. You will have your results, and can then decide what to do, if you need to do anything!

xx xx


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