Can anyone suggest any herbal tablets or anything that is available without a prescription to help endo?

I'm really struggling at the moment with the pain and have read loads of articles online that suggest various herbal remedies but can anyone suggest any that they have used and that actually makes a difference. My doctor keeps throwing different pills at me that don't work I have 3 month until my next gyno appointment and I'm just so fed up!!

I've read that valerian and wild yam help with the paqin, has anyone used these?

Also, is there anything anyone can suggest for fatigue? I spend most of my days sleeping lately, i have trouble keeping my eyes open after a couple of hours up and about

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  • I would recommend going to see a qualified herbal medicine practitioner about this. And then researching what they recommend as well. I my area we have a few reputable herbalists... One even operates out of a pharmacy which is good because they can check and make sure the herbs won't interfere with any meds you are taking etc..

    Valerian is a Herbal medicine used as a muscle relaxant and can help with anxiety but as a relaxant it may add to sleepiness so again go and see a qualified and reputable practitioner and double check with your GP that the herbal medicine won't interfere with your conventional treatments.

    I know I sound cautionary but actually I love herbal medicine and have used it for years as a first port of call for mild health concerns.... Like nausea and anxiety I treat first of all with a mixture of camomile and peppermint tea with breathing exercises before I go to anything stronger.

    Good luck!

  • Hi there, I have been using wild yam cream, I had my ovary removed 30th Oct, as I was having symptoms suggesting lack of oestrogen, not sure if it has helped or that my body is now back in sync, had what I would call my first proper period this month since my op. Endo was only discovered when they went it to remove my ovary, and found clusters along with my womb being stuck to my bowel. But my doc and gyne are a little sheepish now, and say that was what the pain was, hmmm believe me now!

  • I have been taking a supplement called Bee Propolis.. i got it from Holland and Barretts.. they are apparently good for helping with endo.. there is some research about it on google x

  • Years ago I used a supplement from Holland and Barrett called DLPA it contained 2 natural occurring amino acids, the theory behind it was that it blocks the enzymes that attack your endorphins the bodies natural pain killer allowing the endorphins to work more effectively . It was quite expensive and slow working taking it daily to build levels before any benefits and in the end I couldn't afford to keep it up, however I did find it helped me for the 6 months I tried it, had mirena for 11 years now so reasonably pain free now

  • ilovemykids has posted a blog on here 2 days ago "Feeling Good" she has been put on Pragabiln although not herbal she says its working for her.

  • I have found some relief with maca root and evening prim rose. Good luck!

  • fish oils recommended by my herbalist (NAPIERS )as well as a fantastic mix she made to help with eno. Fish oils currently being researched by Edin Uni for endo. Other diet stuff too. See a reputable herbalist as post above :)

  • Thank you all for your answers. I think I'll have to see a herbalist to get something sorted properly. Fingers crossed it works!!x

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