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Follow-up scan?

Hi everyone

I had a lap last year to remove a 10cm endo cyst which was wrapped completely around my right ovary, along with removal of smaller cysts from my other ovary and a few adhesions. I had one follow up consultation about 3 months after the op and that's it. I was just wondering if anybody has had follow up scans after laps as a matter of course?

I'm worried that I will develop these cysts again. I'm not currently on any medication but will be trying the mirena coil again - they were unable to fit it the first time they tried, but that is whole other story!.

Thanks so much for any thoughts/advice xxx

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Hi tinker

Are you still under the care of your gynae or were you discharged after your 3 month follow-up appointment? If you are no longer under the gynae's care your GP will be able to arrange scans for you but it will have to be at your request. If you are still under consultant care then you can ask for a scan at your next appointment.

How did you get on with the Mirena coil fitting? Was it successful this time :)


Hi LittleMissManx

Thanks for replying to me. I must have been discharged after my last appt with the gynae as I've not had any other appts with them. I went to see the doctors for the mirena coil fitting but I haven't been back for it yet though, I must summon up the courage to do it soon though as I am starting to get symptoms again (like back pain) so I really should sort it out. I am off on holiday soon so I will contact my dr's when I get back. I am a bit scared to ask for another scan, I feel like I am just going to get fobbed off again like there is nothing wrong with me, even though I now have a proper diagnosis!! Silly I know.

Thanks again for the response x


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