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Moody :-(

I know it's the endo, but I get so volatile and moody a week or so before I come on. I don't want to scream and shout and act like a horrible person, but I can't stop it! I was only diagnosed with endo a few weeks ago but I have had the moods for a while. I feel guilty if I say, I'm sorry but its the condition and I'm worried my family will think I am turning into a horrible wife/mother . I just want to scream!!!!!

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Sorry you are feeling like this, whatever the cause it's an issue for you and one you want to improve I assume? For me exercise always helped my extreme PMS, which like you I used to hate how I was feeling/behaving. You must be super busy as a wife/mum but it's worth finding the time for, a fitness class once a week and some walking or swimming at the weekend, whatever works for your routine? The first step to managing your endometriosis is to start eating healthily - reduce/eliminate dairy, gluten, meat, caffeine and sugar and increase fruit, vegetables, oily fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, water and herbal teas. The majority of women who have carried out these changes see a difference in their symptoms :)

also a daily supplement of evening primrose oil helps alot - good luck:)

ps are you on Twitter? Search under #endosisters for other sufferers x


Hey there, I used to have extreme pms and was diagnosed with pmdd, and put on antidepressants, however since my endo diagnosis and subsequent laps I have realised that while my hormones might have been a bit of a mess, they can be controlled with the endo diet as Hogg-Katie says, (which incidentally has eliminated my very sore period boobs!!! Yay I can walk without holding them again!!) But more importantly I have recognised that my moods were in part due to being in pain, so proper pain control is really vital to make sure I don't sure into the crazy woman I used to be. My advice is diet and pain management and you should notice a difference for the better :)




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