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Lump to skull structure. (I'm not a hypochondriac!)

This sounds like a strange link I am making. Potted summary: Im 41 and suffered for years with undiagnosed endo. It all culminated when I had my ovary removed just over a year ago. About this time I developed a lump on my forehead and my GP said if it didn't bother me just leave it. This lump has got bigger and changed shape and a few weeks ago i revisited my GP and with a little persistence (she thought it was a cyst not bothering me)I persuaded my GP to refer me straight away for a scan. I've been today and it's not a cyst. I therefore think it is changes to the skulls bone structure. I've googled this and there's a link made with premature ovarian dysfunction ??? I am interested if anyone has developed any lumpy bits around the skull area. Please let me know I know it sounds a little off the wall!!

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Hi, this is just guesswork, I know that basically you can get endometriosis is any part of your body so it could be that, you never know. I developed a raised lump in a vein in my foot about 8 weeks ago and I think that could be related to endo, my foot swelled and I now have to wear a support stocking : (


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