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Does having pain both sides mean endo both sides?

I have 9 days to wait until my diagnostic lap and it can't come soon enough!

My pain intially started mid pelvis, bladder, bowel, it was in both hips and lower back but most my ovary type pain was left side, right never effected and my left front of leg has always been worse.

The last few days im getting twinges right ovary area, my right leg hurts just as much as left and right hip and buttock are agony.

Anyone else has this? What has it meant for you?

Just worried it means the area of whatever is giving me pain is spreading :(

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Firstly good luck for your diagnostic lap, i cant wait till it comes to the day i get one:) i am currently on Zoladex. My pain actually started mimicking appendix pain. Now my pain is in both sides of pelvis and in hips worse when sitting. How long did it take for you to get diagnostic lap? Did they put you on Zoladex first?


Thank you. No I haven't had any treatment yet except painkillers and was already on progestrogen only contraceptive pill. I've been off work for two months due to pain, so I think that helped me get fast tracked to lap. Investigation wise I had ultra sound scans, bloods and a CT contrast study as Drs initially thought I had pain from kidney.

I would go back and say you want lap. I've found it really hard, but have had to be really assertive. I'm nearly 30 and thought that all the damage could already be done is really scaring me, so in a way good you have started treatment to try and help.

Good luck, let me know how you get on x


You too. I will and let me know how you get on. I was off work 12 weeks and have just gone back on reduced hours and light duties. You take care and let me know how you get on. x


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