Pain mostly on one side. Does anyone else have this?

Does anyone else get pain that feels like it is in their kidneys sometimes? I get pain that seems to radiate from my right ovary right through to my right kidney. It sometimes is just above my right hip and radiates down my right leg and the front of my thigh. It seems worse when I ovulate through my period. I am just curious if anyone else ever has this.

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  • Hi I have this, I also get pain on my left side but only in my hip and down the leg on that side. I think it is just referred pain as i have had tests for water infections that have come back clear. I can only take paracetamol and that doesn't do much to shift it but hopefully you can take something stronger x

  • I am sorry that you have this as well, it is a frustrating disease. Thank you for your response, it is really helpful to know others also get the one sided pains.

  • Yes. My pain is mostly if not all on my left side. Had an endometrioma removed 3 months ago and they found a nodule of Endo around my left ureter, which explains the location of the pain for me. Of course that is not necessarily the reason for your pain there. Endo causes all kinds of wonderful pain in strange locations and referred pain is probably the simplest explanation x

  • Thank you, your response really helps me! Best wishes to you, hope you get some relief soon!

  • Yes I have pain on my left side when I ovulate from left the pain is unreal however I do know the I have patches of endo on my left ureter (tube from kidney to bladder) I also have blood and protein in my urine and I'm waiting for 2nd lap and I'm having an ultrasound on my kidneys and bladder on the 24th of this month as I believe it's the endo affecting my kidney function!

    I also can feel a large nodule on my left pelvic lymph node...

    It may be work getting your gp to check you kidney function via a blood test as it can damage your kidney. Xx

    Good luck

  • I suspect I may have it on my ureter as well. Good luck to you as well.

  • hi i also get the same pain as you but mainly on my left side

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, I really appreciate it!

  • Me too.. always down my left side. Groin pain, leg pain, leg shivers, hip pain, lower back pain... it's rubbish isn't it?x

  • Hi im in constant pain in groin hip and back on my left just started in my hip..and has progressivly got worse groin /leg twitches with pain..been like this for 8 months now..doctors have x rayed my hip...nothing found..had blood tests..put me on antibiotics as thought it my be diverticulitis..they make me feel likevim making it going back tomorrow as i really cant take the constant pain anymore..i cant sleep..feel sick...did you feel the same?

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