Nauseous - anyone got any help?

Hi all, am new to this site and grateful that its hear and is comforting to know that there are other people out there coping with endometriosis!

One of the symptoms I am getting along with the pain etc is nausea and I wonder if there is anyone that has been given anything or knows of anything that can help with it? My doctor hasn't given my anything for it and am assuming as its prob caused by hormones that there isnt anything?? Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts?

Jess xx

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  • Hi

    I have been struggling a lot with nausea over the past year, once I had to pull over to the hard shoulder on the motorway because it was so bad! So far the only thing I have found that helps is not letting my stomach get too empty, my GP mentioned it in passing once but I have found that it does actually help and the nausea is much worse if I've skipped a meal or had a big gap between meals etc. Maybe worth a try? x

  • Hi, yes Im the same, infact this was one of the 1st symptoms I had which bugged me. Thought I was pregnant at 1 stage as it was that bad. I agree with hayls when she says about having an empty tummy, I find it makes the nausea worse so I try to eat little and often. Even though sometimes I may not feel like eating.... i also eat things that have ginger in them like ginger cookies or I get stem ginger pieces or ginger tea from my health shop. This is an age old remedy for nausea and I can vouch for it working. I have also been prescribed tablets by the doctor for times when it is really bad, its called cyclizine, but it can cause drowsiness so I cant take it alongside my usual pain meds.

    Maybe ask your doctor if they can prescribe you something as I find on bad days the cyclizine really helps.

    Good luck and hope you find something that helps you

  • How often do you feel sick? I used to feel nausious quite often and it was hard to pinpoint why... sometimes it was anxiety, sometimes it was my digestive system and sometimes it was due to the pain I was in.

    Keeping a diary can help you notice patterns in symptoms so that may be a good idea for you.

    Effective pain relief seems to help with the pain caused nausia

    Digestive issues really depend on what the problem is... for me I think I had too much acid at times so I topped up with water

    Anxiety caused nausia can be helped with addressing the anxiety with breathing techniques to help reduce an attack and you taking on activities that you enjoy to improve your mental health

    On top of the above to reduce nausia I take a peppermint tea... it is amazing and really helps me... I mix it with camomile tea if I want to be really swish and deal a double blow to any anxiety.


    From a girl 13 year long relationship with nausia.... I know it well xx

  • Hi hayls, thanks will give it a go eating regular tho it its hard to eat as feel so bloated. Will make an effort though to see if it helps.


  • Hi Tesis,

    Thanks for your reply will certainly try some ginger, enjoy fruit teas so will add it in. Thanks!

  • Hi crystal-willow,

    Thank you your reply. I think I will def try keeping a more detailed diary to see what affects it and yes a big one is mental health though I don't think my nausea is with that but will definitely look closes.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    Can I ask, how have you managed for so long? Xx

  • TBH It really got me down for a looong time so I educated myself about health, wellbeing and my own body... I learned what habits I had which coincided with more nausia. It was a long process and I have been miserable because of it at times but it helped to keep learning new ways to help myself.... whether it was the mint tea, keeping my blood sugar levels stable, drinking water, not eating late at night or dealing properly with my endo pain... it helped me every time I found something which I could feel helping and searching for my reasons gave me hope.

    Doctors were beyond unhelpful but there are so many things which cause nausia so that must be a hard one to investigate

  • also I would look into non medical ways of helping your nausia before resorting to them as it would be a shame to become dependant on a medication when your nausia may be controlable without it.

    I only use anti emetics if I am about to have surgery but thats me xx

  • by "them I meant anti emetics x

  • Animetics are really good, I find ondasatrone very effective but it is the most expensive and Gp 's are reluctant to give, cyclizin is the cheapest and this is what you are more likely to be given.

    X x

  • Hi just wanted to add I've had endo since 91 suffer bad that I'm now having hysterectomy on 22nd well I think I am? They change all the time??sickness is a symptom ov endo:-( stupid question but do u get it more before n during ur period? My doctor said I had ibs also, n said I had to open my bowels at least twice a day!! Yeah right!! Only when I'm on I get runs! But they prescribed ducolax n it helped me feeling sick!!! Hope that help.Andrea.x

  • hi the only thing that works for me re nausea is ondensatron it does have to be prescribed tho x

  • Hi

    Really interesting that you mentioned that there may be some connection to cysts as my nausea has been so much better since my cysts disappeared! The worst nausea ive had definitely coincides to when one particular cyst was giving me a lot of grief x

  • An overload of estrogen causes nausia x Ginger is very good, either in a tea, or to eat as are crunching on ice cubes!

  • I fergot to mention that some of the symptoms you describe could well be adenomyosis. If you have not already been screened for this condition please ask to be checked for it. The only positive way to see adenomyosis is by colour doppler MRI scan. For more information about adenomyosis please visit adenomyosisadviceassociatio... x Take care x Danielle x

  • I always thought it was the menafemic acid a was taking . The nausea make you not want to eat. I remember it well . Not had it since the miren a though x

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