Any advice

Any advice please, I am due to have a procedure on my spine on the 30th September as the endo is now growing up it. I am petrified tbh I don't know what to expect or if I need to take anything with me, the pain is hurrendous I'm feeling really low atm and just wondered if anyone has had anything similar .

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OMG that's horrible, sorry saying that isn't going to help you is it.

I have really bad pain in my lower back that goes down my legs, feels like it's burning inside. Like you I feel really low, it's hard to be hopeful for the future but I think u have really got to think that at least someone is going to do something about it and what's worse, staying the way u are now or having something done that could potentially make it better. I know it's hard and scary but try and think positive xxxx

Thank you so much. I know you're right I just feel so lost. And that's exactly how my pain is in my legs and I'm now using crutches. This site has been so helpful and the women are lovely . Thanks again xx

Bless you, I really do feel for you. Wish u all the best for your op, let me know how it goes. Maybe you will be telling me to be positive after lol, fingers crossed for you xxx

Awww thank you so much hun. Of course I will. And yes any time you need a chat I'm here lol. Thank you xxx

Hi - I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I know you op is soon but can I check you are being treated in a specialist endo centre and not in a general hospital.

Ty. And I know my specialist is a specialist in endo but that's all I know to be honest. I'm really frightened about this x

Hi - this is the list of specialist centres. I see you have endo on your bowel and bladder and other places and the NHS guidelines require that this is done in such a centre. I think it's worth just checking that they are in a centre as the surgeons there have to have specialist training in excision and you would be in the best hands. x

That's brilliant thank you I will have a look and let you know thanks again x

May the Lord watch and keep you safe , the hands of these surgeons will be steady and favoured , you are blessed don't worry everything will be ok amen

Awww thank you so much x

All the best for your op on the 30th. Fingers crossed you get some relief X

Thank you :) x

You poor thing I wish you all the luck and I hope it gives you relief Xx

Awww thank you x

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