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Hi all after. My last prostap injection 4 months after I started my period with little pain compared to before for the next two month my periods were like clockwork always on time now this time I am over a week late and def not pregnant. I am starting to worry. Endo is coming back as I am getting more pain when I had my op they removed most my endo but my womb was badly damaged and enlarged and they could not undo my left ovary my tubes were stuck to the underside of ovary my bowels were stuck to my ovary which they removed but I have had a lot of problems and pain with my bowels xxx

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Hi all well I have started my period 9 days late and I am I total agony the pain in my back stomach down my legs is awful why do we have to go through this x


If your womb is enlarged then you most likely have adenomyosis too, like me :( I am not surprised at all that you're in pain with all that going on inside you hun. I've never had prostrap so have no idea how that affects things but didnt want to read and run. hugs xxxx


Thanks miissteal xx


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