laparoscopy results

FINALLY, I have my diagnosis. Endo patches on ovary uterosacrine (sp?) ligament and in a few other places. They have got rid of as much as they can and want to start me on hormones in April when I see my consultant but for the time being just to enjoy being pain free, assuming it stays that way :) to start a happy new year!

Happy New Year to All!!!!!!!


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  • Glad you have an answer, have a pain free New Year x x

  • Brilliant news! Have a happy new year! :) xx

  • That's great that you finally know what it is- that's half the battle. As you say, now you can start treatment and move forward. Happy New Year xx

  • Yay, that's great news.

    Here's wishing you a happy and painfree 2013 :)

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