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What is this strange sensation??

Don't know if anyone else gets this, or if its connected to endo at all, but I sometimes get achy arms and thumbs. feels like there's a line from my thumb to my elbow which aches and feels very sore to touch, even though on looking there is nothing there to cause pain. (like a bruise or scratch or anything). Also a feeling like my arms are heavy and its an effort to move them....Cant say there is a pattern to this but I think there does seem to be a correlation to when I get abdo pain. I also find that I get similar sensation in my legs, Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks

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Could it be fibromyalgia, often linked with Endo ...? Hope not as this is another misunderstood, non curable condition :(


thanks for replying ladies. I will keep my eye on it and it will be a good idea to keep a food diary just to see if certain foods set me off, although I dont think that I have any other signs or symptoms of an intolerance but I suppose you never know. I have done the usual google search and Fibromyalgia has come up several times. But the symptoms of this also ring true in symptoms of endo. But again not out the question as the 2 illness are linked together.


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