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bit confused!!!

I had stage 4 endo and my ovary was stuck to my bowel!! but had successful op nearly 7 weeks ago to have my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed and now on hrt and everythings going great.The thing im confused with is i asked my gynae if this could return and he says no as endo thrives on oestrogene and as my ovaries are away then this is very unlikely to return.But i read on here that people who have had hysterectomy then get it back. so now im totaly confused. would be gratefull for any help on this as i thought this was me done and dusted and hate to think of it returning else where x

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ok, simple fact is HRT contains oestrogen. If you have endo anywhere else in your body the HRT might make it grow again. I really dont understand why they put endo ladies on hrt :/

Glad the op went well and I hope thats the last of it for you xx


If you are pre-menopausal, your body needs estrogen in some form to protect your bones, amongst other things. Because of this, if you don't have HRT, your body produces estrogen elsewhere once your ovaries have gone. It is only in minute quantities, but it can be enough to re-trigger endometriosis if you are naturally pre-menopausal.

Don't panic though. Your consultant was perhaps a bit over confident if he promised it would never return, but he's the only one who has seen the state of your insides and is therefore the only one qualified to make that kind of statement :)

Good luck xxx


thanxs girls for your replies. im 38 so thats why they put me on hrt and also i was on the deceptyl injections for 2 months prior to op and had terrible side effects from the false menopause so my gynae said i would need hrt.


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