Thank you ladies :)

I am overwhelmed by the response to my market research questionnaire and wanted to say thank you. With all your help I will be able to tailor my business around what us ladies need. I cannot thank you enough.

For anyone who hasn't filled in my quick questionnaire, here is the link. The more answers I get the more my business will be able to help you.

Thanks so much again, Kat x

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  • Hey hun,

    i shall get this filled in for you over my lunch hour :-)


  • thank you lots :)

  • Hi Kat,

    Have just completed this for you. Good luck with the business.

    All the best, Jules.x

  • I have completed it too. best of luck, please try to spread knowledge about endo, it seems that even many doctors have no idea about it!!!

    Jo x

  • Don't worry Jo, there will be plenty on info on there too :) thanks so much for all your support, makes me realise that this really is a good idea :) x

  • Completed x

  • All done x

  • All done - only took 2 minutes! xxx

  • Just completed :)

    Best of luck.

    Toral x

  • Done x

  • I cannot believe the response I've had to this, I've now had 75 people fill it in!! Thank you so much for all your support :D xx

  • done x

  • 14 more to get to 100!!! you girls are amazing :)

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