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Stopping prostap advice please

Hi ALL,Just a quick question.After 3 months of prostap injections ive had enough.My side effects are getting worse and my whole body aches so much climbing the stairs is an effort. I'm so depressed which is not like me at all.Don't even have the energy to get dressed most days.it has helped my pain a bit but not enough to justify the side effects.What i want to know is what happens with the livial hrt if i refuse my next injection. I'm going away 10 days after my next one is due and don't want to be a hormonal wreck.Ive heard ovaries can take a while to sort of wake up so do you stop hrt strait away or not.Any advice would be great .Thank you.xx

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Hi, I stopped Prostap and livial after 5 months, when I had my laparoscopy. It hadn't done anything to ease my endo which just got worse and worse, I spent the entire time doped up to the eyeballs. After my lap, I was told to stop Prostap and livial straightaway. I got endo pain back very quickly even tho I thought they took it out. I still didn't have a period 2 months later so my GP put me on the pill and then after the first month I had a bleed. Am finally having my follow up with my consultant in December, 4 months after the lap!! Hope to find out what he actually did!



I was told to stop livial straight away but the menopause symptoms got so bad i went to doc and got another month of livial to tide me over so to speak. Still no sign of a period and its now 2 months since my last injection so may need another month of livial.

I can totally relate. I am so sick of being doped up!



Thanks for the replies ladies i still can't decide what to do ,as i said it has helped the pain a bit sort of taken the edge off it, but i'm still useless for 2 weeks out of the four ,first week with pain second week feels like i have the worst flu ever and everthing hurts!grrr this bloody disease is so cruel.All i want is a few days away and to feel normal .Not much to ask is it.? Hope your both ok today.xx


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