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Is reflux a common complaint amongst Endo community...


Hi there, am just wondering whether anyone else has been prescribed 'Omaprazole', I have only newly been diagnosed with Endo & am just beginning to piece together the jigsaw puzzle which has been my various diagnoses leading up to this stage!!. I've experienced gastric reflux on and off and am unsure now as to whether this is another link to Endo or a separate issue?... p.s thanks to everyone who contributes to this site, its been a real help so far x

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I haven't experienced reflux on a regular basis, but I do take Omeprazole but due to the fact that all the pain killers I take irritate my stomach to the extent then irking acid type feeling is very bad so they help settle my stomach so I can take pain killers. Hope you find the answers you need this is a great place to come for info. Take care x

Thanks Jules, my reflux has come and gone in the past too, and i also seem to be irritated by pain killers (seem to keep discovering new allergies as i go along). It seems so bizarre to be only starting to make sense/get in tune with my body at age 36. I am trying to remain positive, i still lead a fun active lifestyle and believe life is what you make it, am determined not to let this new Endo journey get me down. Best wishes and keep up the good fight C x

That should say *the burning acid type feeling*. Silly phone!!


I have a big problem with reflux and its months now that I'm taking omeprazole. I had always a very sensitive stomach but since I started progesterone pills (hormonal treatment) the reflux was out of control. I had to stop the hormones and do a strict diet for reflux with no acid food no caffeine etc. I don't think there is big connection for reflux and endo but it is like a chain. Some medication could bring up underlying problems like it happened to me

Jo x

Hey Jojo,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Sorry to hear you've reflux too, am starting to feel more sensitive than ever before & also a bit vulnerable... am trying not to focus too much on the negatives. Not recieving any hormone treatment as yet, have been trying to concieve for a year now so not sure where things will go in that regard once i start seeing specialists. I understand what you are saying about a chain reaction. Have started cutting out caffeine as well so thanks for confirming that this may help. Also did a hair sample allergy test a few years ago & lactose, blueberries and apples came up as some of my foods to avoid (here was me thinking blueberries were a superfruit and an apple a day kept the doctor at bay!!!). Take care C x

Hi Claire

Yes I have to agree that I feel very vulnerable since I started having problems with endo, i'm also gluten intolerant and sometimes it seems that I have sensitivity in random things.

Acid reflux diet consists of no caffeine, no alcohol, small frequent meals and not too much water straight after the meals, no chocolate, no citrus fruits, no tomatoes etc. Check these products and customise your diet accordingly.

There are investigations that they support that endo is an auto-immune disease, so they link that a larger percentage of women with endo will be for example wheat or lactose intolerance too.

I guess it makes sense since our immune system is so down and we are tired fighting the endo so our body is left with no much more strength to fight or process other tasks.

Jo x

Hi. I too started suffering with reflux and was prescribed Omeprazole. I can only link it to endo, not pain killers. I started on Zoladex just a few days beforehand but this wasn't linked. I've tried without Omeprazole whilst on Zoladex but the reflux came back.

in reply to jc001


All gastroenterologists and gynae know (if they are well informed) that progesterone hormone can cause reflux as it loosens the valve of the stomach and allows food acids to come upwards again.

Zoladex is full of hormones so it makes sense that the reflux is related to endo medication (hormones) and not in endo on its own x

Hi Jo,

Thanks for that info. I've got to say that my reflux went far, far worse after starti.g with the Zoladex. That explains it!

Hi I just wanted to say I was diagnosed with reflux disease, duodenitis and chronic gastritis when I was about 14/15 but noone even thought back then that I may have endo, 10 years later and I'm diagnosed with endo stage 4 and extensive adhesions,the gaeny said it had been there for a very long time, he also told me that he didn't think it was linked to endo. I think through taking an array of acid reducing tablets when I was younger lomeprozole, renitidine,Zoton (that made me Very sick), protium and others I cannot remember the names of, all of made my acid better but then when I wanted to stop taking them my acid was back double time! They say laying down straight after food, smoking as tabacco stops the sphincter from working properly all play a roll in acid reflux. I made changes to my diet but really just yo-yo'd with the idea and knew I had a problem with dairy and when I was younger I just wanted to eat what I wanted and didn't think about the health benefits.

When I was diagnosed with endo i did trial and error on foods which help my pain, but also found it did wonders for my reflux too, I still get it now and again with I eat things like homemade curry, orange juice things with citric acid in. But other than that I do not notice it like I did and I only take omprezole when I really need to know and before operations x

Here's a link lovely to the diet lovely, hope it helps x x x

Hi, I too have reflux which started at the same time my endo symptoms became really bad but before having hormonal treatments.It made no difference what I ate, I changed my diet as advised by the GP and it didn't make any difference at all, I don't smoke or drink either or drink caffeine and not overweight so none of the usual causes were there.

I take omeprazole every day and watch my diet but when I tried to stop the omeprazole it just came back more or less straight away. My gynae says not linked but I believe that it is, who knows!

If I eat certain foods I still have to take gaviscon even though I take the omeprazole, salmon sets me off for some reason, strange, anyhow,

A tip that helped for me was raising up the top of the bed as my worst symptoms were at night.

Might help someone, hope everyone is having a good day today !

i have been taking omeprazole for the last eighteen months, it has not so effective last few months at same time my endo symptoms have been getting worse , i do not take Zoladex only pain killers , waiting for my 4th laparsocopy on the 5th dec

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