I am currently waithing for my second lap operation but i am having a severe pain on my left side down to my back everyday and bowel problem . i am currently taking the yasmin pills back to back to stop my period but still having some bledding some times. can anyone tell me if the pills is not going to affect if i want to get pregnant and what can i do to get pregnant after the operation.

thank you very much jariatu

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  • You will need to stop taking the pill obviously and it can take up to a year for you to start ovulating again but for most it's 3-6 months.

    I've been told all sorts of ways to help women conceive. Have sex every other day, and lay for 20 mins afterwards with your bottom raised, with a pillow underneath. I've also been told that a lady orgasming can stimulate ovulation so (where possible) it's better for him to "sort you out" before he finishes! If you start taking folic acid when you're trying it can increase your chances. It's be a good idea for you to speak to your gynea about it too, they may have more tips. Good luck with the lap and getting pregnant, I've got my fingers crossed for you x

  • thank very much fo this information . i really need to stop it because even taking the pills is not helping the pain . and i really want to get preganat after my lap operation .

    if any other information i will be happy to hear it.


  • I had 5 laps was told only option left was IVF 4 months later I was pregnant naturally... When I cancelled IVF appointment the receptionist was as delighted as me... Never give up hope

    VG x

  • thank you very much . i am so pleased with this information,you have give me hope .

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