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Ovary removal. Has anyone tried HRT implants ?


I am scheduled to have surgery on Monday to remove one ovary or possibly both. I had my cervix and uterus removed four years ago aged 36. The consultant suggested estrodiol HRT implants if both ovaries are removed. I am concerned about the side effects and wondered if anyone has any experiences to share ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Wishing you all well x

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This sounds good, I lost both ovaries when I was 40 and would have liked a chance of having this, I suppose it depend how extensive the endo is, xxxx


Hi, thank you for your reply. Can I ask if you went on to have HRT ? What changes did you notice ?

I've had a few excisions, zolodex, hysterectomy and prolapse repair. The endo is stage 4.

I've been thinking that if the surgeon could operate on the right ovary to remove cysts then I might have a chance of keeping it. In reality with another 10-12 years of oestrogen ahead, I imagine that another op is on the cards at some point.

Wishing you the very best of health xxx


Hi DKen ,all the very best to you also, I did try low dose oestrogen patches on a nd off for several years but kept coming up with infections and pain so came off them, I did not have my ops with an endo specialist so have not been offered any specific care, but did hear that some people are being prescribed combined HRT or Livial, I asked about combined at GPs but was told there was no need, so basically have been on no HRT which has been hard. First couple of years after surgical menopause very difficult with constant night sweats and infections, aches and pains, then had DEXA scan and diagnosed with osteopenia, took some medication but had to come off due to joint pain. I am also low on vit D and calcium and take vit D supplements and extra calcium in diet, in particular sesame seeds, high in calcium. My relationship is affected as cannot have full relationship at present due to fear of infections, althhough low dose oestrogen cream has helped. You definately need a specialist in endo to see you through, all the best xxx


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