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Coming to terms with future treatment

I had two appointments yesterday, one with a new consultant and one for a pre op ready for a lap with excision of endo, from minimal areas. I have come away feeling worried about what is now in store for me. My op is on the 19th October and they will cut away some but not all areas where endometriosis is present. The new consultant informed me that as the surgery would not remove all he wants to do more surgery in 8 months time, after looking at results of my MRI scan that urology team pushed for as gynae was not showing interest, they have no realised my endo is at the severe stage rather than mild, it was also discovered I have retroversion of the uterus and a golf ball size mass at the top of my vagina. Due to the involvement of my bowel they want to do an X-ray up the back passage to find how deep into the bowel endo is embedded and am now set to have a temporary colostomy for 3 months after the 9hr second surgery. After being bombarded with so much info in one day I am now struggling to come to terms with it all.

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At least you have been told what to expect, did you take any one into your appointments with you?

If you need to talk send me a message.

Kind Regards



Thank you for your response Emma-Jane.

Yes I would rather know everything than be told that there is nothing wrong with me which has been said on many occasions. My boyfriend came along with me so anything I didn't necessarily remember he has done.



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