Another 3months

So I'm on anorther 3 months of zoladex and then Because I want to have kids in the next few years all the hospital is offering me is pain management. They have said I won't get another lap for a few years I don't even know what stage endo I have.

I find my self tired all the time and im just feed up now I just want to feel like I've had a good nights sleep for once.

Sorry rant over!!!

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  • I cand totally understand how you are feeling. I had a lap 3 years ago. The treatment lasted about 3 months before pains came back. I have since been fighting for a diagnosis. Have had 7 months of so adds, which worked for a while but now I just get menopausal symptoms but also the pains. I rattle from all the painkillers I take.

    I know how depressing it gets, especially as others have no idea what it is like and the effect it has.

    Just remember you are not alone. Xx

  • Sorry should have said zoladex!!

  • Thank you x

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