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Another 3months

So I'm on anorther 3 months of zoladex and then Because I want to have kids in the next few years all the hospital is offering me is pain management. They have said I won't get another lap for a few years I don't even know what stage endo I have.

I find my self tired all the time and im just feed up now I just want to feel like I've had a good nights sleep for once.

Sorry rant over!!!

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I cand totally understand how you are feeling. I had a lap 3 years ago. The treatment lasted about 3 months before pains came back. I have since been fighting for a diagnosis. Have had 7 months of so adds, which worked for a while but now I just get menopausal symptoms but also the pains. I rattle from all the painkillers I take.

I know how depressing it gets, especially as others have no idea what it is like and the effect it has.

Just remember you are not alone. Xx


Sorry should have said zoladex!!


Thank you x


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