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Relapse endometrioma...plan for another surgery to proceed with fertility treatment...ivf? Do i still have a chance to have a baby???

Just have a surgery 2 years ago to remove few cysts and now it come again with about 6 cm large. Currently on Visanne (Dienogest) to see whether it helps to shrink my cyst. Just started it for 3 weeks and it works very well so far. Very less pain, no hot flush and mentally feels better...Referring to my specialist, since my cyst is kind of big i still need to proceed with the surgery if i want to go for the fertility treatment. I'm just worried since i know my chances to be pregnant with IVF is decreasing due to this endo...should i proceed with IVF?

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I absolute would, I have extensive stage 4 and multiple cysts one being 15cm, I had ivf a month after my second lap, it didn't work but that wasn't to do with the endo

Good luck

Lilly xx


So sorry to hear since it did not work...thanks for your comment anyway..i think i have to be ready for whatever outcome it will be if the ivf is unsuccesful..Good luck to you too :)


I think it all depends on your personal situation , having severe endo myself and many laps and cysts being drained I can dsrstand how you feel. I had 2 successful pregnancies but it took 8 cycles and 10 years !!! However I wouldn't change it for the world my kids are everything to me !!

Good luck


Thanks for sharing your experience pinkpeanut! Atleast i know there's HOPE for somebody like us...will definitely try for ivf someday..god bless you and your kids...


Hi Caliburn...also on visanne now again...went to doc...also have extensive endo...one doc said surgery...other doc said...visanne...went visanne route and then going to do IVF once it has shrunk...i just dont have cash to do many cycles..so for me its one chance only....let me know how it all goes!


I know with endo involved I wish the tech would be as good as it is today.

I would say to any woman wanting a baby .

Don't mess around with the so called normal way of conceiving .

Go right to I vitro .

With your spouse and you using your own egg it is very successful to in plant a embryo right into the uterus .

Do u waste time on endo treatments and surgeries .

Get right on with the plan to have a baby .

I think the best chance is to skip the damaged part of the uterus and inplant your baby right into tbe uterus

It has a high success rate .

Later after your babies then you can decide what if any other treatmens to endo is needed .

Get those babies first .

Then think about the less important part later


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