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Advice on laporoscopy

Hi Ladies

I had my lap and treatment booked for the 18th Oct, but then the hospital called and said that my gyno had called it forward to 20th Sept but gave no reason why just said she didn't want it left until Oct.

i wasn't a member when I had my first 2 laps but wondered if anyone had any advice to make the experience a bit easier for me this time.



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Hi Michelle, I'm getting my 3rd next week :-) what I've been doing is trying to stay kinda healthy, like taking vitamins, exercising (pain permitting!), not drinking and eating well, trying to boost my immune system so I'll recover quicker, this is all in theory lol, but it has put me in a better frame of mind. I think even just telling yourself and imagining that you will recover quickly and that it will go well will help, the mind is a powerful thing. I have had awful experiences before with surgery so I've had some hypnotherapy in the run up to this one as I've been very worried, now I feel fine about it! That's what he told me to do, imagine it all going smoothly etc and it most likely will!

Practically, if you work, make sure you take enough time off (2 weeks at least) etc and be lazy, don't push yourself even if you feel fine. I find laps so strange, it's like one pain is gone but replaced by the general pain of the op but that does go away in a few days. Ask for plenty of good painkillers and you can't beat a hot water bottle :-)

I hope it all goes well for you, just imagine the relief it will give you in the long run xx


Unfortunately when I had my last lap I was with my ex bf who made me cook dinner the night I came out of hospital (If I didn't do as I was told I used to get beaten). But I now have a new understanding bf so hopefully this one will not be such a bad experience. xx


Chell one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to stock up on Peppermint Tea bags, you can buy it from your local supermarket. This tea helps remove some of the gas they use to inflate your tummy with. You'll have a lot of wind but it should help. Try and relax as much as possible, in the first 48 hours I seemed to do nothing but sleep. Keep on top of pain relief but invest in a mild laxative like Sennkot, to make going to the loo easier as well.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for that D the gas was one of the problems I had before.


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