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i decided to give up on work cause of endo and look after my child am i intittled to DLA

i was working fulltime and cause of the endo i could no longer manage the hours so in the end i give it up,now am just in the house with my child and struggleing with little money i get for me and my child,am single parent.

i was wondering if am intittled to DLA or just have to cope with money i get which is very little and its starting to get me down.some days i have to go to my mums for food,which is very sad,

i am on income surport,and get child benenfit,and child tax credit by the way

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i think DLA might be very hard to get, but what about ESA? i know what you mean though, i have cut my hours from 45-50 per week to just 12hours, money is tight but i seem able to manage those little working hours and everything else whereas when i worked full time i was really struggling and kept being off sick, whereas now i'm not off quite so much. have you been diagnosed with endo? i haven't as haven't had lap yet which is why i haven'tgone down the ESA route but if you have been firmly diagnosed then it will definetly help your case.

good luck, hope you get something sorted xxx


I have been an at home mum for the last 7 years. My problems with endo/pelvic pain got a lot worse after having my son 5 years ago. When I was on my own I managed to get incapacity benefit, however, I do have hyper mobility syndrome too and this is what I claimed it for because I wasn't diagnosed with endo until 3 years ago.

I thought, when my son started school I would get a job but there is no way I could do a full days work even on a good day. Unfortunately I can't claim anything now because my current partner earns too much. I've not even tried to claim DLA because I've heard how hard it is to get. My partner keeps telling me to try so I'd be interested to hear if you manage to get it. x


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