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Are mouth ulcers linked with endo?

I went to my GP yesterday as I have had continuous mouth ulcers for the past 6 months. They start as little blisters and turn into really nasty ulcers. At the moment I have 4. She sent me up the hospital for some blood tests but said that endo may affect immune system which could leave me run down and open to mouth ulcers. Has anyone else experienced this or heard of this type of thing?

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Hi Katt

Yes, endo can affect a person's immune system which in turn could have contributed to your ulcers developing. However I sometimes get splits at the side of my mouth, so not ulcers but very painful until they begin to heal. I think this is due to a vitamin B deficiency so I try to ensure my diet is rich in Vitamin B foods.

Did your GP offer any treatment for the ulcers or is she waiting for your blood testresults to come back?


I've got the same problem with ulcers. What were your blood test results?


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