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can u get endo cyst on bowels???

hi everyone,i had alot of back pain and when my bowls were movein i would be on the floor mostly in the mornings my periods seemed to be more offen and in feb this year my period lasted 4 weeks so i thought sum thing is wrong here.

made appointment seen the doc she refered me to gyn,finaly i seen them 2 months dwn the line they scaned me and said i had a cyst on my left overy and they would do operation on me 4 months time and i should start zoldex.

had the opertion last week they said tht my bowels were attached to another part of my insides{i didnt ask wht was it attached to as i was in shock} they fixed tht,and there was a cyst on my bowels which they removed for testing get my results bk this week i am reallly worried as this cyst was the size of a grape and didnt go away am thking is it simthing else???,the other cyst i had on left overies went away cause am on zoldex for 4 months have another 2 months to go,

oh i feel so much better now after operation no pain can go too loo with no problems its great to be pain free!

god bless!!

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Hi I had a laparotomy in January for endo and had a cyst the size of a grapefruit attached from my left ovary to my bowel and to my uterus I also had others on my bowel and inside my bowel (I bleed from my bum when I'm on my period) so I wouldn't worry.

They couldn't get all of my endo but managed to remove the cyst but not the endo inside my bowel and my belly button (that bleeds too) so I am on prostap (same as zolodax) for 3 months and I start ivf in 4 weeks time.

Good luck I'm sure it will be fine and you can get endo on ANY organ x


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