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Abdominal discomfort

Hi everyone, I have been waking up in the morning with abdominal discomfort for several months now, which is a nagging pain in the left side and soreness over the whole abdominal area which disappears when I get up, or go to the loo. I had a burst endometrial cyst and bowel adhesions in the past but I dont think I was treated by an endo specialist. I am going to ask for investigations but think perhaps it should be an endo specialist , am confused as I changed GP surgeries and seem to see a different doctor every time who most of the time dont know I had endometriosis or a hysterectomy. The last time I said I had abdominal pain and thought it could be linked to the bowel they did an ultrasound scan of the every organ individually except the bowel !! I have seemed to have recovered from the constant infections I was having, but am considering leaving work as all I hear are sarcastic comments about how am I feeling after having 6 weeks off to recover. The word being banded about is anxiety and stress, they sent me to Occupational Health and I am considering asking for a copy of their report. I just feel so unsupporeted in the work place and also at home, I think only a diagnosis will help . I have also had to struggle for several years with no ovaries and no HRT so that I now feel a completely different person to who I used to be. I think I will leave my job soon, when I have found another xx

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Just wanted to say I have the exact same in my lower abdomen. Like a pulling sensation when I wake in the morning and then disappears after moving around. I've just put this down to yet another ends symptom!

Sorry to hear about your work situation, hope things improve for you soon.

Michelle x



I am a H.R officer so might be able to give you some advice:

First off with an occupational health referral your employer needs your consent before they make the referral. They then need to provide you with a copy of the form/details that they sent to Occupational Health.

Once you have had ur appt you must be provided with a copy of the report.

The whole purpose of an occupational health referral is to guide ur employer on how best to support you in the workplace. Therefore once ur employer has received your report they are supposed to meet with you and discuss the recommendations that occ health have made and move towards implementing the support mechanisms as far as is reasonable practicable.

Sounds to me like ur employer doesn't know what they are doing and they should be very careful because they could potentially leave themselves open to a constructive dismissal claim from you if u walked out and took them to tribunal for not following occupational health advice.


Thank you for your replies xx I have replied in the next section xx


Thank you so much for your replies xxx Sorry to hear Michelle that you also have pain xxx

Thank you curlywurlyamy for your advice, in another job I had a copy of my report after Occupational health and but this time I have not recieved one and this is concerning me, I will ask for a copy, I am not feeling particularly supported at work. I did give consent to be referred as I was honest with my managers about the health problems I was experiencing and feel they should be honest with me, I have helped them as much as I can by doing overtime weekly and returning to work xxx


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