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More confused

Hi everyone, I'm new on here and after going to yet another medical appointment today, I am more confused than I was.

3 years ago I had Colposcopy to remove CIN3 cells, a week later I had a massive hemorrhage where I was told it was probably an infection caused by the procedure Less than a week later I was admitted to hospital with severe pain in lower area of the abdomen after 10days I discharged myself as they were just filling me up on pills and doing nothing, however after a week at home trying to cope on prescribed pain killers I was admitted again, this time I was kept in for 6 days and although they did scan and found I had gallstones but that would not cause the pain i had and they discharged me, telling me that in their opinion this was not a Gynae problem. I was lucky that I have had a brilliant G.P and he has been great with referring me to different departments to rule other things out. I also had Laproscopy where the gynae doc told me no endo. I have lived with this pain and managed it quite well (if I knew my limitations it would be better)

At the beginning of last month i was eventually admitted again this time staying in for 2 weeks and 2 days before discharging myself, during this time they did 2 ultrasound scans and 1 states that there was a mass? behind my right ovary but could not be seen from external scan and internal scan was so painful could not be sure... The 2nd was apparently clear.

After I discharged myself this time I went to see a private Gynae consultant who has been fab. (amazing what happens when you pay!) I am currently having prostap injections for 3 months to see how much the pain would be decreased by, if significantly then he would recommend total hysterectomy. However I have been to see my G.P this morning as getting menopausal symptoms as was agreed that when this happened would consider HRT, he has given me said HRT today but said the it can counteract with benefits of the prostap and not give true reading of it, also said that because of my age

(35) I would have to be on HRT for 15years after hysterectomy and if there was any endo left in place I would probably have all these symptoms again as the oestrogen in the HRT will feed the Endo allowing to grow....

I am so confused, I thought finally I may be able to give my kids back the kind of mum they used to know ( you know the real active, not depressed one) and now i feel like my hopes are being dashed AGAIN!

Is there anyone out there who hasbeen through similar and can offer advice please.

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Sorry to hear what you have been through, I has a full hysterectomy in November your gp is wrong . I am on HRT so you can have hrt they just have to prescribe the right one.


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