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Miscarriage and Endo

Well i found out i was pregnant last week,but had severe pain on and off in my right side. Done tons of pregnancy tests all faint positive but didnt get any stronger even though i was over 5 weeks pregnant,had no pregnancy symptoms at all. I knew something wasnt right! This morning i woke to severe ripping pains in my right side and cramping along the bottom of my stomach could hardly walk. Didnt want to go to the toilet,too scared because i knew what was about to happen! Bled heavily all day and really bad cramps,i am devastated! My husband says we can try again but i am terrified its my endo messing with my tubes again and i am convinced it was an ectopic that came away. What if i get pregnant again with another ectopic and it doesnt come away on its own. I dont know what to do,im scared to try again!

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hi amberg,

i know nothing i cans ay can make you feel any better i have been in your situation . you need to get your head and hart around this before you can move on and think about trying agin .its hard but its the only way i could do it, have you contatced your doc or hospital . i had 3 before they would help us .

sending over some hugs xx



I'm really sorry to hear about your sad loss :( Did you go to A&E or at least your GP? If not, I really think you should.

I had an early miscarriage a few years ago, and like you I only ever got a faint positive and had pains on one side. My GP sent me straight to A&E and said that SOMETIMES a faint positive can be due to ectopic, especially if you have pains on one side too. Anyone pregnant reading this who only has a faint line, please don't panic, GP only said sometimes.

Yours definitely sounds like it could have been ectopic and best to check with your GP just to be on the safe side.

Good luck. xxx


I went to the hospital today because i was still having awful pains in my right side and after the pain came i had fresh bright red bleeding. The hospital done some blood tests and scans n stuff and said i did have a small amount of hcg in my system still, but my uterus was empty and there wasnt anything in my tubes,so my miscarriage was complete. I feel really numb,but cant cry,i dont really know what to think about it all. I thought i would be having a baby at the start of next year and now nothing. I suppose you just have to get on and get over it! Thankyou for your kind thoughts and i know it sounds odd but its comforting to know im not the only one and that we can all get support from each other as we all can understand what this horrible disease can do!


I am very sorry for your loss, I know exactly what you are going through, on 4th jan 09 I had an ectopic and I had emergency surgery to have my left tube removed, then in the same year 2nd may 09 I lost my last pregnancy. It is a hard thing to get your head round, as at the time I was always blaming myself but I had good support from family and I went to see a councollur which help a lot. For me love it doesnt sound odd that there are other women out there that have been through the same, and please feel free to ask questions or if you need to talk about what has happened. We are here for you love. Please take care of yourelf xxxx


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