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Endo and pregancy

Hi all, hope everyone is doing as best they can be.

I'm all confused- I had 2 laps last year but still suffering with the same pain, at my last consultant appt they said I have sever endo, which as you all know it's something you don't want to hear. I always fear that I will never be able to be pregnant, and was trying to get in my head it may be a year or more before it happens if it ever did.

And literally last week I was late coming on so I did a test and came out a faint positive!! I have since taken 7 tests and all have come out positive!! I can't believe it - and in away I don't believe and just keep thinking there must be something wrong giving a false reading- am i being stupid??

Also I am I agony I keep getting really bad strong cramps - ones that literally take my breathe away, im scared this isn't right and something is wrong- has anyone else had this and everything been fine?

I can't get to see a doc until after thurs so can't really do much.

I want to be pleased but don't want to get my hopes up.

Thank you xx

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I was told that you can't have a false positive pregnancy test...you can have a false negative but bit a false positive...I had a lap back in October 2011 and was also told I had severe endo..they said I would need help getting pregnant but low and behold 2 weeks after my lap I was pregnant...I am very happy to say I have a beautiful energetic 2 year old boy...pregnancy was fine..I thought there was something wrong too when I was pregnant as I was getting very bad cramps like period pain so I instantly thought something was up but apparently that's just how some women can be when pregnant plus we have scare tissue in there too from the laps.i did 4 pregnancy tests and they were all positive...I didn't feel well at all so I knew that I was pregnant...

Best of luck at the docs,let me know how you get on...



Lovely to read. I've got it badly and they said I'm gunna need ivf etc. it's been two weeks and I'm hoping to conceive naturally.

Thanks for positive read

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Keep thinking positive sunshine 1976 and best of luck...it can happen..

Unfortunately my endo is back with a 6cm chocolate cyst on my right ovary ..I am waiting for my lap date with a possibility of having my right ovary removed also..I would love another baby hence why I'm going back through having the op etc as they have said I have no chance of having a baby with the state I'm in..I won't know what's what until I've had my 2nd lap but I'm thinking positive...everything is going to be fine x


Thank you! I just hope it is right then allymurray. You'd think after the 7th test I would believe it, think it's slowly sinking in.

Think just hard for us all when we want something so much and get told may not be possible and then it happens!

I'll let you know the outcome when I get to docs.

Sunshine 1979 - I do wish you good luck and hope everything works out for you - this is an awful disease.



Yes please let me know the outcome...I'm sure you will get the answer you want off the doctor... ????x


I put emoji signs in then not question marks...it was a smiley face and clapping hands...keep us posted xx


Congratulations. I am 4+2 weeks after a long battle with endo and infertility. I know what you mean about it sinking in! I'm still in shock. Especially as we were due to start ivf next month and my husband has had morphology issues. I am getting cramping too but no spotting. I think and hope it's just my uterus adjusting to accommodate a growing baby! Good luck with your pregnancy!


Hello and massive congratulations :) pmknpie and jdgirl030!! You are pregnant, there isn't anything endo related that would cause a false positive and they are impossible to fool. It does hurt like a mother fucker! It's a combination of things, first of all the endo side of things doesn't work out youre pregnant til your 3 months. I don't know why. And secondly where all your endo is is stretching and getting very overcrowded with baby. I really struggled in my first pregnancy. They told me the pain wasn't normal and that I was having an ectopic both times. I ended up on dihydrocoedine for pain relief but I also had SPD. After my first daughter I breastfed until I fell pregnant again and now I'm pregnant with number 2 :) my pain has been so much less through the breastfeeding and this pregnancy. It can really help!! You've done the hard part - you're pregnant that's the only issue endo can cause. The baby is totally unaffected by your endo and grow just as large as they want without any issues it just hurts you not them :) you can tell as they love kicking your endo patches! Any questions let me know x


Such a nice change to hear positive stories. I really hope the tests are all correct for you. I've got my 3rd lap booked with the hope it will help with my 4th go at ivf and was starting to feel a bit down but reading this has really helped x

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