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As well as being extremely boated for the last 4 weeks I am also in severe pain. I where Buphrenorphine patch, take tramadol, Diclophenac and paracetomol and also have Oramorph for breakthrough pain.

I have a cyst on my left ovary and a firbroid on my uterus. Could these be the source of my troubles other than the endo.

i lost my job cause of taking time off for the pain, the pain and loss of work is really getting me down and I am getting really depressed.

Anyone got any helpfull tips or advice.


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Hi Michelle -

Sounds as though you're having a very rough time, and I'm sorry to hear it. Given the severity of the pain, you should probably talk to your doctor to see if either you need better pain management or treatment for your cyst and fibroid. These can cause pain if they are very large or in an inconvenient place, but because they don't always hurt sometimes doctors don't pay that much attention to them. I found in the end that having the fibroids and cysts removed (as well as having the endometriosis removed - had a laproscopy and hysteroscopy) plus the mirena coil, plus the endometriosis diet have helped a lot, but it was quite a struggle while we were getting there, and the specifics may be different in your situation (I'm 48, so my hormones are at different levels from a younger woman).

I went through a phase of feeling pretty depressed because of pain and the insane hormones, and I found the following things helped:

1. Talking. I found a good friend who was very patient and let me talk through what was going on. If you don't feel you have a friend who will understand, see if your GP will refer you to a counsellor. I think that Endometriosis UK organise support groups - there may be one in your area, and it might help to just speak to other people in the same position.

2. Exercise. Everyone always says this is a great idea, but I have to say I found it pretty much impossible because of the pain. Instead, I tried to set up a routine with a little bit of walking (eg. go somewhere every day). The routine of having to get up and get things done stopped me getting too down. I imagine your pain is also stopping you exercising, but if there's anything you can do, it's a good idea.

3. Diet. Definitely don't drink alchol when you're depressed - it makes things worse. I also found that dropping the sugary snacks and comfort foods also helped me keep my moods a bit more stable.

4. Meditation/relaxation. This was my friend's suggestion, and to be honest I thought it was rubbish until I tried. I still don't do it much, but I did find it quite helpful in clearing away some of the negative thoughts.

In the end the depression just cleared up - I'm still not sure why. I very much hope the same will happen for you soon.

On the job front.... it sounds as though you will be a lot happier if you can get working again, and I'm really sorry that your employer was so unsympathetic to your problems. I'm not sure what help you can get on this, but I really wish you luck in finding something suitable and with a sympathetic employer. Endometriosis isn't your fault, and it's awful that you're suffering so much.

Good luck for the future. xx



I went to the doctors today she gave me some Fluoxatine anit depressenats. Hopefully they will give me a bost. i am just sooo fed up with being in pain all the time


Hi, sorry to hear your problems, I think depression can be very common if you have Endo, I suffered this also, and feel it was most likely down to the hormonal problems I had at the time, I had cysts on both ovaries, and thickened endometrium, and endo. I am now in menopause, and through the worst, although suffer fatique .Best of luck with getting your health problems sorted out, finding an understanding employer would be the first step to peace of mind, talking on this site helps as sometimes there is no one who seems to understand x


This sounds unbelieveably like me! even down to all the meds!! Im 18 years old and on anti depressence, i think its VERY common, your not alone in all this! we all understand! i had to be home tutored, i lost all contact with friends, i then tried college and got kicked out as i was always off!

Have you had and laps? ive had 4 laps, about to have my 5th, and it turns out some of my nerves have come together ove my ovary and the nerves are always giving pain signals off, they just dont shut, so when i get stressed, it gets worse, when i do exercise, it gets worse! For this i have steroid injections, the problem is you can only have up to six, but the steroid injection really really helped me, i couldnt believe how much it changed my life! It might be worth mentioning to your pain consultant about! Dont let them fob you off! You need to keep pushing and pushing, i let them push me over and got no where, my mum stepped in as did my nan, who was a midwife for 42 years, and they then started with the injections and i have finally got another op to clear up my endo and hopefully take the messed up nerve endings out! Research online meds etc and take it to your doctor! make sure they know your serious! GOOD LUCK!


Your situation does sound like mine, my pain get worse when I'm stressed or if I walk too much etc. All I want to do is cry all the time. I do feel very alone, I live 4 hours away from my parents which doesn't help I guess. My BF is does understand to a certain level. I've had 3 laps with laser and excision surgery, I had 1 lot of Zoladex injections and 2 lots of prostrap. I have a mirena coil in which is due to come out in September.My doctor has just put me on anti depressents. The hospital want me to have another lap and if my insides are a real mess then they want me to have a hysterectomy. I really do not know which way to turn at the minute.



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