Hi was diagnosed with endometriosis a week ago am currently awaiting a consultation to decide what to do next. I'm dealing with the pain never goes away but coping, exhaustion really bad to the point in fainting, but I am really struggling to cope with the depression side of things I can't cope with anything bad thoughts enter my head and I can't control my emotions at all

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  • I can really empathise with you! Have you spoken to anyone about it? Some of my bestest friends have been amazing and my bf is just incredible. I am so up and down and without him know I wouldn't cope x

  • Glad I'm not alone...

  • I just feel so alone x

  • Hi, did you have a laposcopy, and did they Take any away, maybe you should discuss this with you GP and perhaps he will prescribe a mild anti depressant, it is hard dealing with pain on a daily basis, thankfully you now have a diagnosis and the docs can help get this under control. Chin up. Xxx

  • Hi hun, I went through depression too before and after I was diagnosed. Had been trying to conceive a second child for years and felt my world was crumbling around me. Was having huge arguments with my husband and got to the point that we were on the verge of splitting up. I knew there was something wrong with me but nobody would believe me. When I was finally diagnosed, it came as somewhat of a relief. I had also been charting my temps and discovered that I had a hormonal imbalance which was probably causing my depression. I went for acupuncture which helped to balance my hormones which really helped. I also started making an effort to eat healthier and started taking supplements in particular b complex which helped too. I started to read about endometriosis to find out more which gave me something to do which also helped.

    Endometriosis is a very hormone sensitive disease and what you're going through is normal. Try not to worry, and find somebody you can trust to talk to, it really helps. Do go for acupuncture if you can afford it, and gou for long walks in the fresh air. Give yourself something to do which you enjoy. Exercise will help if you can manage it and keep an eye on your diet, make sure you're eating properly. Don't worry hun, you will get through this, it won't be easy but you'll find a way to cope. xxx

  • It gets better honest. I felt like this before my lap in December. I was desperate for anything, some days I Iould have actually ripped my insides out given half the chance. Ask for a lap, mine has helped a lot. They burnt everything off aand although I get the odd niggle it's nothing like it was. Please speak to your partner/friends or inbox me to rant, and speak to your consultant you can't go on Like it. Xxxx hope you get sorted xxx

  • I have been feeling like this recently and have been on vagifem and wondering if that is contributing im so anxious all the time and get silly thoughts in my head. big hugs xxx

  • The best thing in my opinion having delt with endo and depression ( for many things in my life) is to keep talking to people going through the same thing. So you found this forum thats awesome. 30 years ago when I was going through this carp there wasnt a forum and there wasnt an internet to search. You have both so use them. Get into the web and truly get an understanding what the disease is and how it works. You need to inform yourself take notes when you go to the doctors and ask questions, lots of questions. You have the right to know everything about what is happening and what they are doing to you. Do not accept what a doctor tell you on faith. Make them back up what they are saying with more than bullshit. It took me to get to the 3rd doctor before I finally got answers. Hang in there and remember we are all different and have a different experience from the same disease. Become the warrior that you know you can be :)

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