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Abnormal Cells

Just recovering following my lap op with removal of some adhesions and scaring. Was told my inside was such a mess and things were stuck all over the place. They also found some abnormal cells in my womb and said these are likely to become cancerours in the future. So I'm having a total hysterectomy to hopefully clear up the mess and to eliminate the risk of some female cancers.

Quite a shock really but am slowly getting my head around it....feeling scared and find myself getting upset when I think about the abnormal cells that were found....scary to think they could have gone undetected.

Taking each day as it comes and trying to stay positive...but finding it's easier said than done.

:-( x

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I'm so sorry to hear this. What a shock. And probably particularly hard to take all this in while you're still recovering from your surgery and so not really feeling up to full strength..

Don't blame yourself for feeling upset. It's a completely natural reaction to such upsetting news, and it's reasonable not to feel completely positive all the time.

Take care of yourself, and I'm sending hugs your way. Good luck for the next phase of treatment. xx


Ah thank you so much for your comforting words and the hugs...taking each day as it comes and accepting that some are better than others...and it's ok to have a blub here and there.

Thank you again x


so sorry to hear that you have got to have a hysterectomy i wish you a speedy recovery take care of yourself and hope there are lots of people there to help you through x


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