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I'm new to the site and condition.

I'm 32 years old and have been feeling this pain since october. I'm lucky to

Have a good doctor,who sent me for tests and ultrasound quite quick.

Everything came back clearand after repeatedly going back crying in pain

He suggested this condition. I'm going for a laposcopy at the end of the

Month. I'll just be relieved to get a full diagnosis and find out how bad it actually is. I'v been living with this for 9 months thinking it was something I

Just had to 'put up with it' and a laposcopy would cure it! But how wrong was

I? I'm looking for some advice and support on here as, no one seems to

Understand how painful and debilitating this is. I don't want to live my life on


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I hope everything goes well for you and this is the end. A lot of people are unaware how much it can affect day to day living. Best wishes x


Thank you x


wow, i wish i had your doctor - i've had my symptoms for over 5 yrs, only went to gp last march, she has been good though referring me, i've had ultrasounds, hysteroscopy and mri scans, but gynae will not give me a laparoscopy, told me to eat more fibre and the pain will go - my gp is convinced it is endo, they also found a large cyst (not actually confirmed yet as a cyst) on my left ovary - i totally agree with you about how painful and debilitating it can be, i've gone from working a 45-60 hour week to just 8-12, as its all i can manage - good luck with your lap at the end of the month, let us all know how it went xxx


Thanks I will, as I find this site so helpful and supportive thanks x


You've come to the right place.... lots of people here who are going through or have been through exactly the same as you. You might also find Endometriosis UK helpful as they have great information packs etc.

It sounds as though you have a great doctor, which is a huge advantage as this is not a condition that is well understood, and the average time to diagnosis is way too long (7+ years ....).

Endometriosis is no fun at all (although I've had a few funny moments along the way.... ), but you're not alone, and you don't have to suffer alone. Hope the laproscopy (and any subsequent treatment) goes well. Good luck!


Hello.. im just going to be honest..

you say you dont want to spend your life on painkillers but i feel like i spend my life on pain killers im nearly 21 and i have had endo since i was 14 diganosed a year ago, i have stage 4 endo i have to take pain killers everyday to try and calm the pain however it doesn't work so i got to go back to my gp and talk about the pain meds and hopefully get some stronger ones i hate taking the tablets but i have no choice what the girl said above endo is no fun at all and everyone here will be here along the way with you, family & friends dont always understand, you just have to make the most of what you can.

I hope everything comes back for you and says you dont have endo and you have something cureable or something because i wouldn't wish it on anyone however if you do just remember we are all here for if you need to chat or feeling down

i wish you the best of luck


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Hi I'm Gill and I'm a moderator for Endometriosis UK. your very lucky you have such a great doctor :) Have you tried looking at the Endometiosis UK website for information and help??? We also have a telephone service if you just need someone to talk to and there's also groups you can got too :)

I wish we all had your doctor as it took 10 years for me to get diagnosed!!!!

Good luck :)


Hi, I was diagnosed with endo a year ago, I was lucky to have good GP who referred me to gynaecologist. Had uss, mri and then laparoscopy. had excision of endometriosis but still had pain. developed adhesions and had 2nd lap. may have neuropathic pain as well now but now much better but still take co-codamol, amitriptyline and pill. this site has good basic info about endo and pelvic pain: fibroidpain.org/endometrios...

good luck everyone.



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