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Starting to lose faith

Getting fed up of the hospital, how difficult would it be to actually read my notes? It would save me from having to go through the past 10 yrs of my medical history every time I go. Dr. today asked if there had been any improvements over the last 2 weeks- no because despite doing the laparoscopy they didn't do any treatment for my endometriosis or adhesions. I mentioned about the fact that I still have periods despite everything they've done so far to stop them. He said I'd have to go on the combined pill as that would help. I've tried that it didn't work, neither did the implant or injections or the coil so far. I had my first triptorelin injection today after telling the Dr. that was the reason I was there and have to go back in 3 mths, probably for another op. The Dr. asked how old I was-nearly 29 and then said at my age it can't be cancer. People younger than me have died from ovarian cancer.

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I'm sorry to hear you are having this experience with the Dr, I always wonder why they do not read our notes, it really irritates me, us being unwell patients does not seem to register with many.

I do not understand them and wonder why do most of us have a too familiar and similar story? When I read the posts on here, I think to myself I could have wrote that myself!

I hope you start feeling better soon, and perhaps consider trying to find a doctor who cares or at least acts like they are on the ball!


I think we can all your frustration with having to repeat our symptoms and concerns at every appointment. Its no wonder patients hospital files are so thick as the pages must contain the same information written down time and time again.

A clinic appointment would be much better spent discussing new information rather than going over old ground. So yes it would be great to sit in front of a doctor who is fully knowledgeable about you but I think we're being over optimistic about that happening.

From experience I told the hospital of my new GP details at every visit but the patient information letters were still sent to my old GP. Very frustrating!


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