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Losing faith in NHS

For 6-7years I was being diagnosed and treated for bladder and kidney infections...witch last year I found out I never had one... I had a laparoscopy 14/12/16 and found I had endometriosis...I also had a coil fitted during the op.

I was pain free for 3 weeks, Iv started to get my life back by going out and even planned when I was going back to work. But all the pain and symptoms started to come back.

I went back to the gp witch is where she constantly accused me of having an eating disorder and even told my mum (who came with me to appointments) she was In denial of me having a eating disorder..i don't have an eating disorder, I'm in constant pain where I can't sleep and feel sick..so I don't have big meals..but am slowly putting on weight witch is what I want to do.

I went to an eating disorder clinic witch the gp insisted I go...where they actually listened to me(unlike the gp) and said it's clear I don't have an eating disorder..

Went back to the gp where she wasn't pleased that she wasn't right, I didn't event get an apology for some of the thing she she said to me and my mum.

She asked to weigh me, witch I had no problem with, I put on a pound witch I was very pleased with...but the gp told me that it wasn't good enough ... being in pain and tired and fed up with her unprofessional comments I told her I don't need to hear negative comments a gain is a gain regardless the amount.

Me and my mum still had to fight with her to get her to refer me back to the gynaecologist...witch she said she will do...but I do not believe Her as of the way she has been dealing with me.

She even told me endometriosis doesn't cause bloating...as many of you know it's a main factor.

I'm losing faith with the NHS...I don't even know If wanna spend out money to go private to be treated the same.

Can anyone give any advice? Im only 20 and I want some part of my life back...


Emma xox

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Hello, I'm the same position as you.

Could to transfer to another gp practice in the area? I'm think I'm going to have to move if my doctor doesn't try and push my gynaecologist appointment up.

If it's in the area your previous notes should all be available to them. All you need is one doctor to have sympathy and treat you right.

It's unfair, I'm starting to get the feeling they are treating us like this to force us into paying for private.

Hope you are coping well and I hope you find a gp who deals with your illness correctly.

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yeah I might look into going to another's surgery...I feel exactly they same, feel like I'm not believed!

Thank you and I hope you get the right treatment too! X


Hello. Im in the same position. I moved and am now under a bunch of jobsworths gps. Endo does cause weightloss. I was always 7st 5 up until i was 28 and dropped off down to 6st 13. Diagnosed with stage 4 d.i.e at 31. Surgery last december. Symptoms come back after a month. Severe constipation/impactions. Did manage to gain weight. Went back to gp last monday as i didnt just have bloating, but my bowels were inflamed. Was told to take laxitives for 6 months. Just a mild one as work. Well ive just had a week of diarrhea. Ended up at out of hours gp with kidney infection. I have literally lost the 5lb weight i put on after surgery in a week without even trying. Went to see my gp this monday and was told i didnt have a kidney infection? Maybe a mild uti? 😂 .. Then said theres nothing wrong? So i said ok how have i managed to lose 5lb in a week and the cheeky b*tch asked if id been eating or drinking? Luckily my gynae has organized an ultrasound for 24th of this month and im still under consultation! Had to fight to get a stool sample test! Not happy with jobsworth GPs. Aint got a clue! Im thinking of moving to another as im not happy at all! Hope your situation improves!

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Hey, have a look at adenomyosis, it's similar to endometriosis...I had to mention it to my shit doctor and She didn't even know what it is lol. But your gynaecologist might...look It up though and compare your symptoms

Hope you feel better soon! And good luck on finding a good gp haha xx


Hi, I would definitely look for another GP. The catchment areas usually overlap so you should have a choice.

There are good and bad doctors in the NHS and private healthcare. The NHS ones tend to be subjected to more scrutiny, but not always. I think the bottom line is that you have to check them out and make up your own mind about whether you think they know about your condition. Not many know much about endo, wherever you go.

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The thing is mine do know. I had extensive surgery in December, they know exactly how severe it was/is. Im 7 months post op, still under endo specialist consultant, on Zoladex, and they still dont care! In 7 months, because my symptoms came back so fast i mustve been to the drs about 20 times. All ive had is a colonoscopy and laxitives. Theyve not even checked if i have an obstruction. Ive had 5 impactions! Not one has given me an abdominal x-ray to see if its an obstruction even though they know a) i have severe stage 4 deep infiltrating aggressive endometriosis and b) ive just had major abdominal surgery! 2 red flags for obstruction. Now ive got chronic diarrhea so bad ive just lost 5lbs in a week. 5lbs i cant afford to lose! Honestly, some Drs are ridiculous! But ill definitely be changing!


Sorry if I misunderstood. I meant that your GP doesn't seem to understand.

Good to hear that you'll be looking for a new one.

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