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well i have now been refered to Plymouth as my local hospital is not sure what to do. Fainted on monday and knocked myself out as hit my head on the kitchen side! not sure if it is connected to the Endo, but i have had enough feel constantly exhausted and in pain! fed up as my husband had an affair as i couldnt give him sex as its so painful! i try and relax and not worry about how painful its going to be. but i just cant do it:( just want to be normal and happy again. has anyone else had any experience with Plymouth hospital? sorry to moan.

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I finally got diagnosed at Derriford after years of being told there was nothing wrong. I was in the Navy at the time so moved around a lot and saw lots of different consultants. That was 16 years ago so not sure what they are like now but they were really good when I was there.

Hope you get some answers soon.


I had a laparoscopy there last week and ended up there in A&E last month after collapsing due to my endo pains. I think it's very good there, I'm finally moving forward with my treatment.


i'm at derriford and have got nowhere, gynae won't even take me seriously enough to do the lap - had an mri and found large chocolate cysts but was told to wait to see if they grow, even though they said they are past the size where they will respond to hormone treatment, am expecting next scan date through anyday now xx


Thanks for the comments, maybe i fainted because of the pain that i have been it. i hope Derriford can help me as i am so fed up with this, dont enjoy sex with my husband as its so painful during and aftter for a few days.. i have started to bleed heavly after we have sex. so really am fed up with my End at only 27years old.:(


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