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Negative Laparoscopy, what next?

Hey everyone,

I was hoping you would be willing to share with me any useful experiences/tips if you've been in a similar situation to me.

I'm 25 and for nearly a year I've been having IBS like symptoms when I eat anything fatty, fizzy, spicy etc that get worse about 2 weeks before my period starts. Also over the past year I've had pain in my upper right abdomen which is sore to the touch all the time, but then a week before my period starts to ache and it feels like both my sides are tightening.

I've always had heavy periods but now when my period does start I only have about a day of red, followed by brown discharge that lasts for the rest of the week. I feel very nauseous during that week, get sharp stabbing pains in my pelvis and only really cope by eating very bland food and taking lots of painkillers.

I've had a couple of ultrasounds and stool samples taken and all they discovered was I have slight overhydration in my right kidney, but nothing that any doctor has been worried about.

A few days ago I had my first laparoscopy and was told that my ovaries, uterus and general pelvic area look completely fine, so they didn't find any endometriosis.

But even though they didn't see anything the registrar said their next thought was I should talk to my GP about having Zoladex injections to see if that makes any difference.

So at the moment I'm feeling at a bit of a loss. My boyfriend finds it strange but I almost wish they had found something that could be treated so at least I would know what it was!

I'm just so sick of having to constantly watch what I eat and feeling tired all the time. Sometimes I just don't feel like myself any more.

So if anyone has any advice/tips/experiences it would really help to hear them.

Also one other strange symptom I get is that once every month or so I'll have slightly blurred vision in one of my eyes. It doesn't last for more than about 10-15 mins. A nurse at one of my hospital visits said she used to get them and for her it was linked to hormonal changes. Has anyone else experienced that?


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Has anyone looked at the possibility of you having infiltrating endometriosis?

This basically means that it grows inside the bowel. I have it and it gives me the same kind of IBS symptoms and was misdiagnosed with that for years.

You would need to go to a colorectal consultant and they will be able to liaise with the gynae department it took 7 years for them to find that for me and also the other endometriosis sticking my insides together, but some of your symptoms sound very similar to my own.

I hope that helps or may atleast be something to cross off the list.

Keep positive x


it does sounds like a hormonal issue.... I'd look into the issue heatherec stated above as well xx


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