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hi does anyone else suffer with really bad pain down their leg from the pelvic area throughout their period and when period is over - help what can i do to ease pain

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  • I used to get pain down my right hip around joint area felt like it was burning pain inside was there constantly and could only stand by sink to do washing up for 5 minutes any longer it made me wanna cry was so painful. And when was on period pain radiated through all lower back and up to ribs all on right side I felt like had an alien invasion I could hardly walk. Hope it goes away soon, mine was there for weeks and then just disappeared - I think mine was beginnings of endometriosis, apparently it can cause pain down hips/legs and mimic sciatica. xx

  • thanks - i can't take it anymore so painful

  • Hi, I have had terrible pain in front of thigh for a long time. had lap this week which finally confirmed endo but also the reason for the leg pain. I had a dermoid cyst that was attached to my right ovary.I only had part of the ovary left after previous dermoid removal.What was left of the ovary was stuck on top of the obturator nerve which runs down the thigh! Adhesions can cause all sorts of nerve problems and it can be excruciating.It had been a mystery, already had 2 laps and no-one could find cause. please be persistent and ask them to have another look, I am very glad I did as I was facing a lifetime of pain and pain management. I knew there was more to it and went for private scans.Don't give up, I nearly did.

    P.S. This is only for one sided pain although I also had cramps in both thighs at period time.

  • Hiya

    So sorry to hear you're in so much pain.

    You're not alone - i have constant intense leg pain, mainly in the inner thigh, but radiates all the way down, and seems to stem from my right ovary. Endo and associated pelvic pain can frequently cause leg pain as it's referred pain. What i find helpful is:

    gentle massage, and making sure you sleep in a position where there is no pressure on your legs - sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees really eases pain.

    And also, rest when you need to. Seeing an osteopath or physiotherapist for some very gentle treatment can really help - has helped me a lot. They will take a full medical history and they look at the body as a whole as opposed to most GPs! and they will be very gentle if you ask them to.

    I find that painkillers really don't help this sort of pain, but that may just be me! i think i am immune to painkillers after so many years of taking them!!!

    I wish you better soon and take care



  • I feel you here... Been struggling since I was 15! But doctors have never listened to me or my mum about my pains! Even when I collapsed at school and was rushed to hospital they did nothing! And now I'm 28 and have pushed and pushed but my only problem is I can't live with it anymore and I'm a natural person don't like tablets! But have been offered 12 different types to take twice maybe three times a day! Not for me! But got my lap booked in on the 8th July but really worried as never had an op or any broken bones! Worried slot but really need help this pain is getting vile and causing not being able to walk! I like to be an independent person but at the minute I'm feeling very vulnerable and not being able to go to far from home cause my legs won't work it's embarrassing! Your post spoken out to me in a lot of ways x

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