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Diet to fight pain !!

I am suffering terribly with the pain I'm on Buphrenorphine patches and taking Tramadol with Diclophenac but still in pain. the hospital want me to have my ovaries removed. I was wondering if anyone had followed a strict diet that has helped. If so can you please tell me what you eat/didn;t eat and what supplements if any you took..

I'm really desperate now, its really getting me down.



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Hi Michelle,

i am sorry about your pains. Mine are better since i have changed my diet.

So here goes what helped me:

No wheat, gluten, diary or soya

Try and eat only organic products (meat included and try to avoid red meat like beef and pork)

Avoid all already made meals (there are too many strange ingredients in there)

Try to cut down sugar too and only eat dark chocolate once in a while.

Drink mineral water only, no tap water no pops no tea nor coffee :( i used to love my coffee.

I also found that eggs are a no no for me. but it might be different for you.

Lemon and ginger hot drinks all day long help to stop inflammation as well as eating tonnes of blueberries :)

all the best of luck

isabelle x


Hi Isax get your hands on a copy of endometriosis a key to healing and fertility through nutrition , Dian Shepperson mills , and Michael Vernon , it's very informative and comprehensive , I got mine from Amazon , there are other endo diet books as well check out the other endo charities for details etc

Best wishes Helen


Thanks for your reply's. I have just got the book a key to healing and fertility through nutrition so I hope that will give me a few ideas.

I think what is making it worse is I haven't had a period for over 5 years since I had Zoladex injects and then Sat I started to bleed and have severe period like pain.


Hi Michelle, There is a new book out recently called Take Control of your Endometriosis by Henrietta Norton who is a nutritional therapist. I think it's easier to follow.You can buy it on Amazon. Hope this helps.


Hi Michelle,

Yes the pain can be awful I know, but I have been following the diet for some months now and feel much better. i purchased the book Recipes for the Endo Diet from Amazon and have found the book a great help to follow this diet as it has loads of great recipes. I have since found a cheaper version of this book at the website

endo-resolved.com as it an ebook.

I have to be very careful about avoiding all wheat and have been able to cut right down on sugar. If I eat any dairy products the pain comes back. But the recipes book has helped me get over these problems and the diet has helped a lot so do give a try.


All of the above advise is good and there is no point in me reitterating it. But a change in diet DOES help, so throw yourself into it.

In terms of suppliments I take Magnesium, Vitamin B complex, Agnus Castus, Serrapeptase, Synergistic Selenium with Vitamin E, Basic Multivitamins, Iron, Black Cohosh and Fish Oils.

Do your own reserach though..... There is SOOOOOOOOO much to sort through on the internet, and there are many many repituble websites that will inform you of what to take and more importantly, why. The above work for me, but you might find that others work for you. I have also read that Dandilion is good for pain, but I havent tried it yet.

The internet will help you find out what you need to do. I have found that this blog has helped me the most:


Take Care,



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