Pain rant! Am I going crazy?

Hi all, I don't mind if anyone doesn't reply I just really need to vent this out!

Over this past week I just feel so rough, pain increasing and spreading to my hip, my back even shooting down my legs. My lower stomach is tender to touch and even just moving and walking causes pain. It feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife and twisting my insides.

I'm absolutely knackered, no energy at all, headaches and foggy headed. I'm nauseous and can't eat a full meal and i'm just so fed up! I've missed work a lot this week and I don't look forward to my upcoming work and I hate that because I love my job. I know it's just the tiredness but part of me just feels like giving up and being tired but part of me doesn't want to let it take over.

I'm going to my doctor next week to refer me to a bsge centre as they've tried to refer back to my normal consultant and don't get me wrong he's great but I've been told it's going to be a 12-16 week wait to even get a general appointment!!!

I'm just so frustrated, I want to feel good and enjoy life but right now I really don't, it makes me anxious despite knowing what is wrong with me and I feel crazy sometimes like what if i'm imagining it all? Sometimes I feel like i'm dying and no one can find what it is etc.

Am I going crazy?

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  • No, you're not going crazy. Is there any possibility of getting the telephone number of your consultant off the hospital website and ringing his or her secretary to see if they can fit you in sooner or contact you if another patient cancels at short notice. I usually find a charm offensive works a treat ;)

  • You aren't going crazy at all as I am sure most of the ladies on here would agree. I have been battling the same sort of symptoms for over a year and tried everything but to go in for my third lap and all it's done is make things progressively worse. Apparently my sharp stabbing pain is my overy twisted round and stuck to my bowel. Yours could be similar so make sure you ask for an urgent referral and make sure you try all pain relief drugs in the interim if you aren't on them all already. I'm on a concoction of things which help me get through most days, some it doesn't touch but I am grateful for the days where the pain meds make the pain manageable. Could you afford to go privately for a consultation to see an endo specialist and then get transferred back to the NHS for treatment? Make sure you say how much it's affecting your life, unable to work etc and hopefully they'll push the referral through. The key is making sure you get a go who understands as they can request quicker referrals. I am now fortunate and have bupa through my boyfriends work and the difference in waiting times and treatment is huge. A private consultation is usually £150 but make sure you do your research before you pick one. You will have the rough days where you feel low and wonder what the point in everything is, but it will get better. Make sure you talk to the people who love you and share your low points. You may feel like you are moaning all the time as we all do, but those who love you would never see it as that and prob feel at least they are helping you through in some way. I hope you have a pain free weekend and Manage to get this sorted xx

  • You're not going crazy, i am also battling extreme fatigue (only just awake now) aching, brain fog, nausea, dizziness, pins and needles and depression along with milder pain than you and am barely hanging on by a thread. I am trialling zoladex but have to wait 3 months before a clear view of next steps. Probably surgery.

  • Hi Starry, I tried the zododex for six months and it did make me feel great from month three for five months. I hope your relief is for longer and it gives you some form of normality again.

  • Thanks for replying guys, i appreciate the kind and helpful words. I went to the doctors today and they're looking into referring me to an endo centre, finally!!! I've now been put onto mefenamic acid and that seems to be helping more than the co codamol so i'm feeling much better this week.

    When i was at the doctors, she said i have a yeast infection but also i have sore bumps (had little whiteheads on) on outside of my labia and she said it looked inflamed. She said it's too early for her to tell if it's shingles or hepes virus and apparently you can contract hepes but it can lie dormant for months or years! Has anyone else ever experienced this?

  • Yes, years ago but it's treatable so worry not. It's a virus that affects the immune system so if you're stressed or your immune system is weak you can get shingles/herpes.

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