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Has anyone else had their womb pierced by the surgeon during their laparoscopy?

Had lap. Stage 2 endo :-( Sad and battered from a much longer procedure than was expected. Lots of issues, but was wondering if anyone else had come round to find the surgeon had pieced their womb during the lap? He "gently diathermised" it back up (it was a small hole apparently ), and says it will make no difference to my ability to carry a child, but I'm really annoyed. Apparently it's the instrument they use to lift up the womb and have a look at the ovaries that pierced it. Would be interested to know other peoples experiences.

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Hi, this exact same thing happened me on my 2nd lap about 6 years ago. I think it is pretty common, an easy mistake to make! I had no problems with it afterwards, think I was just in a bit more pain than usual. U should b fine from it there are no lasting effects that I am aware of. I hope you feel better soon :-)


Thank you Rach! I'm relieved to have an answer from someone. ;-)


Hi - I have not experienced that but, with the nature of endo surgery it does happen. I had a 7.5 hour op and an accidental hole made in my bladder during surgery. Was catheterised for a week while it healed. All healed well and has been no problem. I wish you well in your recovery from your lap and hope you will find your condition improved as a result. All best wishes. Fran


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