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Loval Endo Org..is it possible?

Hi everyone!just like you I had been into much reading and research hoping to find ways to cope with the disease and of course to get moral support from the same people who are suffering from it...i noticed that in my country,though much women were diagnosed of endo, we dont have a local org that we can run to in obtaining equally right information about the disease aside from our gyne.am a reg nurse by profession and having been imprisoned in pain brought about by the disease I think, it would be best to put up an org that will keep women well informed about this to end up the question they have when no diagnosis can be made with the pain they are experiencing..the question is, can someone help/assist me in puttingup a local org in our country?id like to be in help...thanks!

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What country do you live in?

Please check out Endo-Uk website for help.


Hi,Hillary!am.locates in Philippines.thank u


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