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could i have cistitis


since last july i seem to be getting a lot of burning in my vagina i have had loads of antibiotics since last feb when i get myy water tested it seemes to have protien or blood or puss cells in then when there send it to the lab nothing some times it is befor or after my piried also after my piried i seem to have a blood brown couler discharge for a week i am not sure i have endo the gyu i saw wants to put me on the implant to switch my overys of but i have had nothing to say i have it can any one help

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Hi, I haven't had the burning pain, but before I was diagnosed with endo, I have had white blood cells in my urine and the constant need to urinate. I would have my urine sent off and always come back fine. I have had cystoscopy, which was clear and long term antibiotics.

I still have the wbc's and frequent urination and I am still none the wiser as to why! I am just putting it down to the endo!

Sorry not much help, but thought I would let you know I have been through a similar thing xxx

Hi guys, I constantly have blood in my urine and its uncomfortable when I pass water I also have a blood coloured discharge although I no longer have periods. I have a great gp and gyno and they have told me its the endo. I have been given oxybutynin (ditropan) this helps ease it. Hope this helps.

debbienufc in reply to ruthkelly

what is this medisin

cystitis is chronic inflammation which affects the bladder and therefore you experience burning and pain when passing water. But it shouldn't result in any vaginal discharge. It is possible that you have something known as 'painful bladder syndrome' but to know for sure, your GP would need to refer you to a Urologist for investigation. Unfortunately it is possible you may have endometriosis and also a problem with the bladder. Ongoing haematuria (blood in the urine) whether microscopic (ie only seen when the urine is tested) or blood that you notice yourself in your urine should be investigated further by a Urologist. A proven infection in your urine should respond to antibiotics and the pain and symptoms you have will resolve. Simple anti-inflammatory medication (Ibuprofen) can help with painful bladder symptoms.

Hope this helps.

yes this is medicine it helps the symptoms with the bladder. I have been to the uroligist for investigation which I agree with beks04 needs to be done as it could be something else. Have you been diagnosed with endo?

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i have had a scan in november nothing had swobs took nothing the gymn thinks it may be endo but just wants to put me on the implant to put me in the menapaus but i am not sure i think it may be water works all bloods test come back ok but could i have a bladder problem

not been diagnosed yet i can not get my gp to refer me to a uroligist she just sayys that all my water samples are ok and swobs but i am not convinsed what els do u think it could be

Bladder trouble can be part of endo but it can also be other things. But you need to be firm with your gp and ask for a refered to a uroligist. If your gp wont do it ask your gyno. Be firm about it.

debbienufc in reply to ruthkelly

my gp thinks i am stressed and mad i think its horibal

i am not getting been woke up through the night to go to the loo its like been pregnent again but i can not get back to sleep dont know if its the pain or i am on edg i want to relax again

is the pain the endo? The reason im asking is I have the same. Ive never been pregnant so I cant comment on that as its left me infertile. although I have been told my pain is like labour except labour doesnt last for months and you have a lovely baby after!! My gp has explained to me why it happens if it is.

Apparently, it's known for women to have pain in the bladder or bowels, epsecially when you go to the toilet. My gynea gave me a leaflet today and it says that women are often misdiagnosed with cystitis. I know you probably are, but keep pestering your doc/gynea! From my experience, its the only way to get anywhere.

Good luck! xx

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