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DLA Appeal.... Sucessful!

I had my DLA appeal hearing yesterday which I have been waiting on for 2 years now. It was a very scarey hour spent in a court room being grilled by 3 men about my health conditions and how they effect me. To be honest when I went in I didnt think I would get very far with it as no one so far seems to listen and pay attention to what I have to say when I tell them how hard it is for me. My rep said I had a good case and my chances were good in the appeal but still I didnt think much of it as most of the doctors associated with the goverment seem to not listen to anything and write down what they like.

I was told I would ahve to wait a few days for the decision to be posted out to me but got a call in the afternoon from my rep. She had been told my someone in the court I was to be awarded the higher rate of mobility and the lower rate of care which is exactly what we hoped for. It is also to be back paid to when I made the claim. This is such good news we have struggled so much financially in the last 2 years I can't believe we are now going to get some help. I had to sell my car and have run up a massive debt with the bank of Dad (I am very lucky to have the option of doing this) but now I can be finanically indepentant. It is such a wonderfull feeling.

I wanted to share this with you here as I know a few people here are also going through this long drawn out process and not having and luck with it. I want you to know it is posible to get endometriosis taken seriously with them and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stick with it and I hope you too will get the help and support you need. My one piece of advise for dealing with this is to get professioanl help with your claim. This doesnt have to cost you any money. I was aided by a local charity group that help people with legal need from housing to immigartion to all sorts of issues. If you don't know of anything local (I didnt when I started) go to Citizen's Advice they are great and will help you the best they can and point you in the right direction when they can't help.

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congratulations xx and its great you have had so much support :D x


congratulations and at least you can get it!!! i failed twice!!! not because of my condition now Endo!! i am deaf!!! and i cannot be arsed to get this again as i know for a fact that i fail again!!! so enjoy the money!!!


That's fantastic news! Well done. This is such a hard process and it is so hard not to lose heart. So many women with endo who can't work seem to end up in the same position. It would be great to know what more can be done to help women as this is something I am looking at at the moment.

Take care and well done once again - really hope everything improves for you and especially your health.



That is fab news! I may need to go down this route as I'm in agony and I've got a hearing at work on Friday because of my sickness record. Anyway enough about me, well done and congratulations xxx


Well done for your persistence and courage. I am so pleased for you. Thank you for sharing this with others as I am sure you will be an inspiration.

Good luck for the future.



Fantastic news! So pleased you won your case; and rightly so!!! It's a shame you have had to fight so hard for it, but well done for doing so. No-body needs financial worries ontop of everything else we ladies have to deal with, so hopefully this has given you some piece of mind and for once, you can relax about money. I hope the battle for 'fighting fit' is going as equally well xxx


Thank you ladies :)


great stuff really glad you eventually have it sorted well done! im going through the same now with esa and dla and really struggling i want to give up and not bother but my partner cannot work either because he has to look after me so its not really an option. how was it for you? im up to were they have to send me tribunal packages but its all new to me. i wish i could just go to work and college and be normal. it has really eased the stress a bit after reading that it can be done thank you for giving me new hope and good luck getting better and for the future xxxx


Hi Alex, I had help from a local charity who deal with tribunals and know what to do. I strongly recommend you find someone like that locally to you, I wouldn't have got through it without them. Your local citizen's advice will be able to help you find the right help. I was terrified when I went in there but the panel were really nice and it didn't take long, this could be different for you, but I hope not. Good luck :) x


I have applied for DLA more than 4times and always been turn down,i had major heart ops,stroke,Guillaine Barre syndrome,severe lower back pain,pain in both legs and joints.weakness and numbness in both legs.Everytime i applied for DLA i was told am not disable enough to even get the lower rate.Am shocked by those people from DLA who went through my application and lall the proof from my Doctor..I can hardly walk for more than 10mts.Dont know which door to knock at so i can get some real help.Its unfair for some peoples at times. :(



I wanted to say a big congrats to you for persisting! Im a welfare rights officer and thats the first case i have heard. Enjoy the extra cash...much needed and much deserved.

MoGaMbo I am so sorry to hear about your case. Did you get a rep involved? Go to Appeal?

Anyway, Well Done Starri!!

Emma x


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