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Has anyone on here used Serrapeptase? I’ve read a few reviews where women have said it has helped them with the pain. Nothing I’ve tried so far has helped so before I buy yet another supplement, I was hoping maybe someone else could let me know their experience with it? Thank you.

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Hi. Hope you are ok. I take it, it doesn’t have any side effects on me so I still take it. Not sure how much it does as I haven’t had scans for quite a while. I do find the endometriosis diet helps and when I stray I do get flare ups. Xx

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Lottiedoo in reply to Tillyfloss

Thank you for your reply. I’ve read quite good things about it so will give it a go. I’m about to start the endometriosis diet so it’s good to hear that helps as well.

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Tillyfloss in reply to Lottiedoo

The endo diet really helped me and I then carefully tried things to see what I could eat, for me pasta even gluten free is a no go and bought cakes can be a trigger to along with bread and pizza but the reduction in pain was worth it. I was thinking after a replied and I took serratapse in between having surgery and ivf and I didn’t have much regrow, could be a coincidence but as I said I take it as it doesn’t seem to upset things. Good luck with the diet. Xx

Thank you so much. It’s all so overwhelming isn’t it, when your brain is in a constant fog.

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Hi Lottiedoo,

I take it, and not only do I feel that it helps with reducing my pain, but I also have noticed that since taking it, it seems to of helped with the tugging feeling I have before needing to go to the toilet.

To explain a bit more. My stage 4 Endo meant my uterus and bowels were stuck together and I have very crippling pain just before needing to empty my bowels.

After surgery to separate the bowels fron the uterus this pain went, but slowly started to come back over the next 6 months, until it was very painful again, which I suspect was when it had got stuck together again, with the Endo regrowing back and adhesions after surgery etc.

After researching diet and supplements, I came across serrapeptase and started taking it. It was like a miracle for me, as it helped massively in dissolving my adhesions and Endo to the point where my pain is not as severe.

I notice if I stop taking it then the pain comes back to make me double over, when I take it, it's no where near as bad (still a pain but not as severe)

I would definitely recommend serrapeptase. Make sure you take it on an empty stomach though. Dont eat or drink anything 2 hours before or after taking (except water) because if you do it will not work as the serrapeptase will dissolve that substance rather than the nasties you want it to dissolve, such as adhesions, Endo, cysts, fibroid etc.

I take the 80000iu and used to take morning and night. However I now just take it of a night as maintenance.

Hope this helps. X

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Lottiedoo in reply to kittykins7

Thank you, that is a massive help. I’ve just sent my boyfriend out to go and buy me some. I also get that tugging feeling before needing the toilet, it’s horrible isn’t it. Thanks again for sharing.

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kittykins7 in reply to Lottiedoo

Yes it's bloody awful isn't it!.

Good luck with it, I'm sure it will work for you too.

Let me know how you get on. 😀x

Please take time to look up Jessica Duffin at This Endo Life. She has a great website and a podcast.

I’m starting an Endo Belly Course today and cannot wait. Gut health is something I know about a bit but if you check out the podcast there’s so much good abs free stuff on there.

On her Instagram there are reels with testimonies of hope. Yes HOPE because Endo is a disgusting disease and I am looking for ways to get my life back.

The brain fog is something I am looking to clear up too! X

Also with anything natural there isn’t the scientific research to the same extent as with pharmaceuticals. That’s slowly beginning to change. I think working with someone can really help. It’s an investment though into the unknown. Personally. I am willing to try and to try and to keep on trying because I want my life back x

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get our lives back. This is a truly life changing disease isn’t it. No one understands unless they’ve been through it. I will definitely be looking up Jessica Duffin. Thank you.

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635703 in reply to Lottiedoo

You’re welcome and I am so excited!

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kittykins7 in reply to 635703

Ahhh the brain fog!

Yes I have that too. .....i used to worry thinking i must have early signs of dementia! Only to realise it was brain fog!

If you do find out something that works on brain fog, please please let me know will you 🥴 x

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I do suspect that it’s a number of things and they are specific to your body.

Balancing blood sugar for example. Nutrition is obviously quite key. Gut health issues. Overall healthy lifestyle, which can be hard if you have depression and anxiety.

I wish I had a magic wand but at this stage I don’t k ow how to fix my own 😂

Seriously. You can learn so much from Jess and I am dying to get stuck in x

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kittykins7 in reply to 635703


Yes thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look her up. X

Hi it didn’t work for me just made me feel even more nauseous but worth trying

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Lottiedoo in reply to Bethleah

Thank you. I feel sick every day, so I have been thinking this is what will happen to me. We always keep trying though don’t we.

Yes. Me too still trying g to find something to help with the nausea the ginger capsules don’t seem to help anymore. I’ve also noticed the nausea is bad when I get up in the night.

Yes mine is bad in the night too. Ginger never worked for me. I find that Pepto Bismol helps sometimes or Metoclopramide when it’s a bad day.

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